Bon Appétit (completed)

Chapter Three: Biology

Clarice Luxembourg shut the door behind her after the man had entered.

She turned to watch him scrutinise his surroundings. Clarice owned an average sized apartment and her home was really simple with minimalistic furniture.

She was getting impatient. She was hungry and it would take hours to prepare food. The chicken she brought was running freely across her living room and she wanted to butcher it as soon as possible and have it in her stomach. Chicken was her favourite food.

The man didn't want to waste any further time. So when he turned back, he smirked when he saw the thirsty look in her eyes. She was definitely hungry for him as he was for her.

He strode forward and grabbed her by her waist. Quickly placing his lips on hers, his hands deftly began removing what little clothing was left on her.

After kissing for a long time, the man felt her vigorously biting his lower lip. He was sure blood would draw out any second now but that kind of aroused him so he didn't object.

"Let's take this to the kitchen," Clarice ordered him and grabbed his arm to drag him after her.

Now he would have preferred the bedroom or the shower but he didn't mind doing it in the kitchen. Besides he often fantasised about doing it in the kitchen with a woman.

On the way to the kitchen, Clarice grabbed the chicken.

Once there, she pulled a cabinet door open and pulled out various knives of different sizes, mostly the big sized and the sharpest ones.

"Time to cook some chicken," she announced.

The man headed for the fridge, in need of some cool water to relieve his parched throat.

When he opened the fridge door, he was taken aback by all the red liquid covering the whole fridge and some kind of leftover meat.

"What's this?" He asked her.

"I've butchered many chickens in there so it's all bloody there. I'll clean it up later," she answered.

The man thought it was weird and disgusting how chicken blood was just littered all over in the fridge but he didn't say anything. Besides, he was mostly here to sleep with her.

Clarice watched the chicken with hungry eyes. She couldn't wait to devour it.

She saw that it had stopped running around and so she carefully neared it with a big knife.

Once she was close enough, she struck it's leg with the knife. The chicken was too shocked to know what happened and instantly began howling in pain. Its leg separated from its body due to the knife's impact. It was writhing in pain and trying to crawl away from it's attacker while letting out cries of pain. Clarice quickly jabbed another knife at its neck to shut him up.

Now the chicken lay on the floor in its own pool of blood, its eyes were still moving over its surroundings. After a few seconds, the chicken went completely still and was now obviously dead.

Clarice gathered up the chicken's body and the severed head and leg and piled it up on top of the counter.

The counter instantly began covering with blood.

With another clean knife, Clarice got to work. She started chopping it into small pieces. She removed it's skin and feathers. She chopped the skin in small cubes and threw away the feathers.

She opened the chicken up and removed its organs and muscles. She carefully picked out all the bones and put it in the grinder to make some bone powder. With the rest of the bones, she made bone broth.

She separated it's various body parts like the heart, brain, liver, pancreas, lungs and the stomach and mashed it into a gooey mixture and fried it.

Some remaining mixture was put into the grinder and made into a red sauce.

She added some oil is a pan and let it heat for a few minutes after which she added the body parts she had cut up in small pieces.

She pulled out the intestines and sliced it into long strips to resemble noodles.

She removed the kidneys and cooked it the way one would cook kidney bean soup.

The genitals were sliced in a way cucumbers would be. The genital-cucumbers went into the microwave.

If it wouldn't have been for all the blood over the kitchen counter and the floor, no one would have guessed that a chicken was butchered up there.

The eyes were gouged out with a fork and cooked like poached eggs and they almost resembled eggs except for the big black spots on it which once were the chicken's irises.

Clarice used a variety of spices and ingredients to add taste to the dish.

It was five hours after she killed the chicken that finally the food was prepared.

It always was time consuming given how big the chickens usually were. But Clarice didn't mind how much time it took. She enjoyed every second of it.

After everything was ready, Clarice cleaned the counter and the fridge as she had promised to that man.

It took a little too much time because of the weeks old blood stains in the fridge that she had to scrub off.

After the cleaning was done, Clarice started setting up the table. The food she prepared was too much for her to finish it off in one go. It was so much food that it could last her almost three more days.

Clarice brought all the food on the table. It was hot and smelled delicious. Clarice licked her lips. She couldn't wait to eat the chicken.

She took several plates and arranged it in front of her.

In one plate she served herself the intestine noodles, in another microwaved genitals cucumber-style. In a big plate she helped herself to a large serving of the mashed and fried mixture of the chicken's organs topped off with the red sauce she had prepared. She used the bone powder for seasoning to enhance her already delicious meal. The other plates were filled with an eyeball-eggs, fries made of fingers with organ red sauce, salty and fried cubes of flesh. There was also a bowl full of kidney bean soup - made of real chicken kidneys.

For dessert, she had moulded the buttocks of the chicken into a cake with a lot of blood as icing on it.


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