Chelsea's story

Chapter 3

When I walk into the room, I see that Maya is already dressed and ready to go. I give her the coffee and we walk downstairs. Mr. and Mrs. Douglas are already putting on shoes and grabbing their coats. I go to warm up the car while Maya goes to the kitchen. She comes back with a travel cup and sits in the back with her mother. Her father sits in the front. We drive to the hospital in silence. When I stop the car in front of the entrance, I say “I will go find a parking space. I will be right back.”

“Ok, Chels.” says Maya and hurries inside with her parents. I then find a parking space and hurry inside. I then go to the waiting room since Maya texted me that they are waiting for the doctor. When I come in, I see Bob telling them something and I see a smile on Maya’s face, so I know Rick is alright. When I come closer, Bob notices me.

“Good morning, Chelsea.”

“Good morning, Bob. Everything alright with Rick?”

“Yes, he is going home in a few days.” he replies.

“This is good news.”

At that moment my phone starts ringing. I check the caller’s ID when I see it is Sierra calling me.

“I’ll be right back. I need to take this.” I then go outside. I pick up the phone.

“Hello Sierra.”

“Hey Chelsea. Everything alright? I called you home and Jacob said you didn’t come home last night.”

“Maya’s brother got sick. I went to the hospital and then spent the night at Maya’s. By the way thank you for the car. It is awesome.”

“I am glad to hear it. Anyways I called you for a different reason. I need to know your full name so that the IT department can give you your email address.”

“Sure thing. My full name is Chelsea Wislow.”

“Ok great. I will send them the info right away so that your email address will be ready for usage on Monday. See you then.”

“See you. Bye.”


I then walk back inside and stay with Maya and her family until 6pm. I then say goodbye and go back home so I could change. When I come home, Molly is playing with dolls while my father is preparing rice and some sauce. I go straight to my room and change into some comfy clothes. When I am done, Molly comes in.

“Chelsea, you are finally home. I missed you a lot.” she says and hugs me.

I hug her back and say, “I missed you too, angel.”

I then hear the bell and go open with Molly in my lap. It is Sierra who rang.

“Hey, Sierra. Is everything alright?”

“Yes, but I need to talk to Jacob about something urgent. Can I come in?”

“Sure thing. Dad is in the kitchen. Just go in.”

“Thank you.” she says and goes into the kitchen. While I am closing the door, my father comes to the hall and asks me to finish dinner and tells me that they will be in his office. Molly and I then finish cooking dinner and eat. Since my father doesn’t come through the door yet, I wash the dishes and clean the kitchen. Then I take Molly to her room and read her a bedtime story. After she falls asleep, I go to my room and lie on my bed with my favourite book by Agatha Christie. I soon fall asleep. When I wake up the next morning, I see that Molly is sleeping next to me. I give her a kiss on the chick and go downstairs to the kitchen. My father is already awake which is surprising since it is only 7am on a Sunday.

“Good morning, dad.”

“Oh, hi, Chelsea.”

“Dad, is everything alright? You seem a bit weird.” I say while I cook coffee.

“I am fine. Just a bit worried about something. Don’t worry about it.”

“Ok. Do you have any plans for today?”

“Not really. Why?”

“I was thinking of taking Molly to the ZOO and I would like you to come.”

“Sure, let’s make this a family day.”

After we drink our coffee and make the plans for today, I go and wake up Molly.

“Molly, wake up, angel. I have a surprise for you.”

She jumps out of bed when she hears the word surprise.

“What surprise?”

“We are going to the ZOO.”

“Great. When are we leaving?”

“As soon as we get you ready so let’s go.”

I then get her ready and while she is eating her breakfast, I get ready and we leave the house. We spend a day together which makes Molly very happy. In the evening dad helps Molly get ready for bed while I shower and choose the outfit for my first day of work. I choose black pants and a yellow t-shirt that looks very professional. With this outfit I also choose the black high-heeled shoes that I bought in London. I then go to sleep since I am very tired.

The next morning, I walk into the company and stop by the reception.

“Good morning. I am Chelsea Wislow. I have a meeting with Sierra Ross in twenty minutes.” I say.

“Good morning. Mrs. Ross called ahead and sent this badge for you. Welcome to Sierra Publishing. You can go in.”

“How do I reach her office?”

“There is an elevator around the corner. Press the button for 21st floor and it will take you there. Sierra’s assistant will greet you once you step out of the elevator.”

“Thank you.” I reply and go to the elevator.

After I reach the floor, the assistant comes to get me and takes me to Sierra’s office. When I come in, Sierra stands up.

“Chelsea. You are finally here. Let me present to you my assistant Monica. She will also be your assistant.”


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