Damaged Beyond Repair

Chapter 13

“Ms Alana Hayes, do I need an appointment to have a word with you?” Chez asked from the other end.

“Get to the point, Simmons” I snapped, it was wrong to throw my frustration at Chez, but my mind was beyond exhausted.

“Why not coming to the club?” he asked. I could practically hear the faint sound of the beats playing somewhere in the club.

“I don’t feel that well.”

“Oh.” He sounded disappointed. “Then I’ll talk to you later.”

I unlocked my dorm room and heaved my bag on linoleum as I lied down on the bed. The coffee mug from a few days, stood lonely on the table devoid of any basic hygiene which told me I needed to wash it in the next few hours to avoid the foul odor it might leave.

“Tell me what’s wrong?”

I could hear Chez sigh heavily, “you need to help me with a situation here.”

“What situation?” I grabbed the coffee mug and dumped it into the sink.

“I found Nina debauch-ring over almost the entire male species of Demon’s Bolt, and I’m telling you, Al, it’s getting nastier by every passing minute. She’s probably boozed until she could take no more and now she’s acting like she could take anybody.” After a pause he continued, “I’ve tried to pull her away but she told me I could go to hell, so...are you game?”

What possessed her to do something like that?

“I’m on my way.” I had already started clothing hunting, trying to find a dress fitting for the Demon’s Bolt dress code.

“Listen, don’t come alone. I’ll send Rio; he’ll help you get inside the club.”

“Who’s Rio?”

“Why do you care? He’s a friend. Listen, wear something club going worthy, not those jeans which make you look illegal, be ready in fifteen.”

“But...” he’d already hung up on me.

Next thing, I tried dialing Nina’s number but she wouldn’t answer. Either she was ignoring my calls on purpose or she wasn’t feeling the phone vibrations.

I opened the little closet, pulled out a short black halter dress that had been sitting in my closet for a year now, collecting dust. This was the perfect place to be wearing this one, and the good thing I had matching Jimmy Choos. Couldn’t get any better. Ten minutes later I looked decent, as in, decent enough to walk in Demon’s bolt without being called illegal. A little more gloss and mascara, and I was good to go.

Fifteen minutes in, and I got a text on my cellphone in the name of Rio informing me he was waiting in his car.

I saw a silver Lexus sedan parted out front, oblivious to the peeping Toms. Nice. Let Alana be the slut of Carmel and let her be the ultimate winner of the title Ms. Ho-bag.

The car windows were tinted, I stared at it for a minute longer. The passenger side window rolled down, and an emo looking guy poked his head in my direction. I opened the car door and took over the passenger side, “Rio, right?”

“You know, you should have asked that question before getting in a strangers car.”

Rio gave me an amused once-over, and smirked.

“Yeah, but I’m not sure you actually qualify as a stranger, none of Chez’s friends do and since you just texted me a while ago, I figured you weren’t.”

“I could possibly be an imposter.” I studied him carefully as he put the car in drive; he had spiked jet black hair, covered in black from head to toe. A single ring pierced in the brow glimmered. Sure enough, he could qualify as the stalking creep or a guy supplying grenades and hand guns.

Jeez! What kind of crowd was Chez hanging out with?

“Well, you’re not, and I do know a few taekwondo kicks, just so we are clear.”

He chuckled softly, “so...is it true?”

I continued to stare through the windshield, “what is?”

“You’re dating the professor, Chica?” so the guy was a Spanish.

“Uh, it’s none of your business but yeah, I’m. Are you going to go gossip girl on me, Amigo?”

“Que Bueno? You know Spanish? There’s nothing to gossip girl over it, it’s no more news flash.” He took a turn from the intersection, stopping at a red light, “people choose to believe different theories and I just wanted to be sure.”

“So you believe what others say?” I couldn’t believe I was talking about sex with some random guy.

“I don’t.” He answered, from what I could make out he wasn’t mocking me. He genuinely believed my side of the story, “there’s nothing wrong with falling in love with someone, even if it’s the professor.”

I hadn’t expected a totally sin looking guy to talk about love. That was so out of the blue. Some people are full of different packages. The outer packaging wasn’t important, ultimately the inner soul mattered. I smiled to myself, “I haven’t seen you around before.”

“Of course you didn’t, I sleep in coffins during the days.” I laughed, he laughed with me, “that’s what the entire student body of Carmel chooses to believe.”

 “Well, doesn’t it bother you?” I folded my hands across chest.

“Being called a vampire?” he snorted, “not anymore.”

“Well, it sucks to be called a whore.”

“I’m sure it does.”


   Demon’s Bolt had an Adam’s family feel to it, and honestly it was creeping the crap out of me. A large sized ivy ran upward, taking wall support, the windows on the top floor were either covered in spider web or had jagged glass, giving it a unique design. Rio parked the car in one of the reserved parking areas, killed the engine—after rummaging for some crappy stuff in the glove compartment, he asked, “you ready?”

I nodded. We headed straight towards the main entry where large groups of biker looking, weed smoking thugs were starting up some brawl that would take the entire night to end. Rio threw some sexy sounding Spanish words at the bouncer, who pointed at me and asked him, ‘Quien es?’ to which Rio responded and the big beefy bouncer let us in. Just like that.

Kashmira Kamat (KittyKash)

Edited: 17.08.2020

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