Deception and secrets

A June "issue"

" I know my father always said he wanted to be cremated, but Ivan I cant, he deserves a proper send off, I mean" Tess voice trails off."Ok, maybe we could have both?" Ivan said." Both?" Tess asked.

"The creamation, and the memorial service" Ivan suggested.

"Yes! Tess said looking a little optimistic. "And we could have a few of his friends say something about him, like your Dad?"

Ivan immediately didn't think that was a good idea.

"I don't know, Boris isn't one for sentiments, he's not the sensitive type" Ivan said.


Theresa, looked around at her, and Diana's tiny one bedroom apartment, her eyes fell on Diana's empty bed, a hurt expression slowly formed on her face, how could she have said that to me? Theresa asked herself, she then suddenly remembered, she and Diana already had a deal with their land lady that they would sow cloths for her in exchange for a reduction in rent, an amount Theresa would never be able to afford all by herself, she kept thinking.


Natalia, was undressing out of her hospital gown she kept having flashes of what she had told her brothers, well Ivan already knew but not Dimitri she thought, what was she going to do? She asked herself, she wishes that this would go away, she wishes those thoughts could disappear, she wishes that the events never happened, when her phone rings.

"Hey?" Natalia answered.

"You still at the hospital?" Ivan asked.

"Yeah, shouldn't you be with Tess? and all her grieving?" Natalia still found time to be sarcastic with all she had gone through.

"I am here she's, just making arrangements, anyway  I'll come get you stay put" Ivan said. "Ivan, Ivan, slow down I'm sure you have other things going on, and plus I can get a driver to come get me, or Uber or something stay your butt with Tess" Natalia hung up before Ivan could argue and threw her cellphone in her bag, she then started thinking what am I going to do, when she heard her doctor behind her doctor gave her instructions on how to take her meds, he told her to reduce her stress, after he explained that she had a panic attack. Natalia just looked at her pills, feeling even worse than before, and not In The physical sense.


Tess was on the phone making arrangements for her father's memorial, while Ivan was taking a call from Carlos.

"I miss you" Carlos said on the other side of the phone.

" I miss you too, Ivan said softly and whispering. "I wanna see you" Ivan said. "We gotta be careful, as much as I wanna see you we" Carlos stuttered, Carlos guilt ridden again, all he wanted was to hear Ivan's voice, it brought him a sense of comfort.

Ivan took a deep breath, and said. "I have to go Tess is coming". Ivan hung up the phone.

"Ok so I just got off the phone with, a minister, he can do the memorial service, appearently he and my dad knew each other..anyway who was that?" Tess asked.

"Just office stuff" Ivan replied. "I really appreciate you being here, I don't know what I would do without you" She leaned over and hugged Ivan and said. "I love you Ivan" She said. "Me too, me too" He replied.


Theresa places it in an envelope, she took a rubber band and hid it in a silver can, and then placed it in the bottom of the fridge. Theresa knew what she had to do to pay her bills, her phone rings.

"Teresa I tried everything", Theresa's mother sounded panicked. "Mama what's wrong?!" Theresa asked.

"He's fever is not coming down" Paloma said.

" Alright Mama, I'm coming"Theresa dropped everything and left as soon as she could.


Shane walks into Boris office, with a laptop in his hand, sand shows him something very surprising.

"Look, what do you see?" Shane asked.

"Something online what does this have to do with me, Shane?" Boris said.

"Look at the issue, the theme, look Boris" Shane Pointed.

Boris grew angry

"She wouldn't!" Boris yelled.

"Yes Boris, she betrayed you Natalia took our idea and gave to "Chance" magazine" Shane grew frustrated.

"Damn! After all I've done for her?" Boris yelled 

"Don't look at me, she's your daughter" Shane threw his hands up in surrender.

"Don't remind me, please, don't!, Where's Dimitri?"Boris asked. "He left the office earlier said he was gonna be out" Shane said. "Out!? Dimitri doesn't do anything with my say so" Boris frustrated.

Boris left his office he marched right over to Natalia's office, with Shane following with the laptop in his hand.

"MR..Lan." Laura not able to finish her sentence.

Boris marches right pass her before Natalia's secretary had a chance to explain.

"Where the hell! Is she?" Boris asked very adamant.

"Uhm MR Landi...uhm" Laura stuttered. "Spit it out woman!" Boris yelled. "She got sick, I think she might be at the hospital" Laura finally finished.

Both Shane and Boris looked at one other, Laura quickly leaves Natalia's office she might be afraid of Natalia, but Boris scares her even more.

The visionary

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