Deception and secrets

It's Will Time

Two days had passed, Natalia was home all by herself, She had decided to work from home since she came outta the hospital, Natalia's phone rings

"Yes", Natalia answered her cellphone.

Rita on the phone "i haven't heard from you in days, I hope you're not having second thoughts?"

"Ofcourse! Not Rita, I've just been..uhm dealing with some thing, nothing Major though" Natalia Nervously replied.

Rita on the phone "Ok!, So? Is the plan still on?"

"Boris won't know what hit him" Natalia grinned, as she hangs up the phone.


At the hospital.

"Miss I know I'm not family, but I'm so worried, I mean I found him like this"

"Sorry family only" The nurse explained to Carlos,

Carlos walked over to the nurse, and he just smiled as he softly said. 

"Now kinda person would I be, if I left the poor man like that?"

Carlos did have that Latino flavour about him which made him very charming, Carlos smiled, you could see his bright pearly looking teeth, and that perfect glowing brown skin and not to mention that he's tall and always well dressed, well working for Boris he had to be.

"Alright, alright, quit all that smiling and just go in, just five minutes" five minutes only the nurse instructed.

Carlos walks in looking at Shane, he was unconscious, attached to an IV Drip, Shane didn't even move. "Well, well, well, Carlos said just looking at Shane.

Carlos thought he could stretch his charm a little more, by asking the nurse, about his injuries.

"Nurse?" Carlos

"You again?" The nurse said.

"Could you tell me, when he'll wake up, or atleast tell me anything" Carlos coming across as very sincere. 

The nurse wouldn't give him anymore information, but Carlos could tell, Shane was not waking up anything soon.

On to his next mission,

Finding Dimitri.


"What if I can't hear this?" Tess nervously said. "Yes you can", he looked into Tess's eyes.

"Me run my father's business? How?" Tess asked.

"Wait, your getting ahead of yourself now Tess, listen to what the lawyer has to say" Ivan tried being the voice of reason

Ivan and Tess awaiting in the lawyers office awaiting patiently for the reading of Martin's will

"You may have a seat", the lawyer showed towards the chairs.

"We are all here today for the reading of the last will and testament of Martin Ward" When the lawyer quickly says. "We are Awaiting one more person" "Who?" Tess. "We are awaiting Boris" The lawyer is cut off.

"Wait, hold on my father's in the hospital" Ivan said surprisingly. "I meant his representative" The Lawyer said. "What? Who" Ivan asked.

When there is a knock on the door and they both eagerly await, the presence of the representative,, when the door opens and it's Carlos. "Carlos?" Ivan said softly.

Tess couldn't help, but feel somewhat intrigued by his presence.


Natalia cooking up yet another plan with Rita it seems like everything is going her way, and she was happy with the way it was going, when she hears the door op

 "Hey, hey, hey, where the hell are you marching off too?" Natalia asked.

Diana's eyes gazed for a second, and said

"Natalia oh my..uhm..I'm Sacha's girl" Diana said stuttering.

Natalia gave her the up and down look. "His girl?" Natalia nearly choked. "Uhm yes..well I'm Diana" She said. "Whatever, well, don't just stand there!!, Say something" Natalia rudely said.

"Sacha asked me to get some stuff for him" Diana said and she was starting to get uncomfortable "Why?" Natalia said. "To take to our place", Diana said awkwardly.

"Oh!!!" Natalia started laughing, "What! My brother lives with a girl? Wow people and their jokes these days."

" I didn't say, we were".....Natalia cuts her off. "Oh please! It's what he does honey, you're nothing special" Natalia says.

Diana could feel herself getting highly annoyed, with Natalia, but she swallowed her words, sucked it up.

Yyou know what, Sacha can pay someone to do that for him" She walked off slamming the door behind her.

"Woah, the hell was that? Natalia asked and scoffs.


"Oh my god, what! Read that again"

"The lawyer begins to read again, the will and testament for Martin Ward goes as follows, I hereby leave my full estate to my beloved daughter, Natasha, the staff shall remain intact, how ever my to my beloved and long time friend, Boris Landi, I leave fifty percent of my company "ward international" and the other fifty percent to my beloved future son inlaw"  Carlos and Ivan's faces dropped. "The terms are as follows, Ivan will only share the company with his father Boris he Marries my daughter Tess"

You could feel the tension, between Ivan, Tess and Carlos, 

"Did I really kill this man, so my lover and his father could have his company?" Carlos thought.

The visionary

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