The Library

Amy's POV

The Cafeteria was chaotic as always, the chatter of children rose up like a storm. The science room was closer to the Cafeteria so Poppy and I got there before the rest of friends which was just Evelyn and Lily.

I plopped down next to Poppy with my lunch which was a simple sandwich and began to talk to her about this and that when Lily and Evelyn appeared although they had brought one extra person; Scarlet.

She sat down besides me. "You're eating a sandwich?" She asked quizzically. I raised an eye brow at her, "Yes. Is that weird."

She blinked her brown eyes a few times before looking "No not at all..."

"If you're so opposed to my lunch, what did you bring?" I cleared my throat. Poppy glared daggers at me but I ignored her. Scarlet's eyes darted to mine before looking away "Oh nothing... I'm not that hungry." She smiled at me; flashing white teeth.

I hummed as a response and took a bite of my sandwich, it tasted rotten; just like the cereal. I gagged but swallowed it anyway. "You know you don't have to eat it if you k=don't like it." Scarlet peered at me from under her glossy black hair.

My stubborn self ignored her and stuffed the rest of the triangular sandwich piece into my mouth, mushed it up and swallowed it. I twitched.

"Hey, Scarlet if you don't have ay food we can always share." Poppy offered. Scarlet shook her head and smiled, "No thank you. I appreciate the offer though."

Poppy nudged my under the table and leaned in to whisper in my ear, "She had better manners than you..." She chuckled. " I glared at her and took the last remaining triangle of sandwich I had and shoved it into her laughing mouth. She chocked before spitting out.

"That was a waste of food!" She pointed out. "I was going to toss it anyways!" I grumbled and crossed my arms across my chest. "And like I said, Amy, Scarlet has better manners than you!"

I pouted for the rest of lunch. Any food I ate seemed to be rotten... Rotten, rotten, rotten.


By the time I got home my stomach was growling loudly and I was contemplating digging in the dumpsters. Food already tasted like dross, the dumpsters wouldn't have changed the taste. A mental image of me rabidly tearing through the black bags that were tossed in the dumpsters; trash littered everywhere. Moldy and decay food scattered the back alleyway. An inhuman sound from that person digging through the trash and I shuddered, pushing the mental image away.

                    Dumpsters are out of the question... Guess I'll just have to bear through that weird taste...

I opened the door to my room and chucked my backpack onto my bed. I grabbed my tongue with my forefinger and thumb and tried to look at it.

                 I probably look ridiculous!...

I snarled to myself before shoving my phone into the back pocket of my pants and digging the paper that Mr. Curtain handed to us out of my backpack along with a few dollars and a pencil I headed off to the public library to look up the topic for our project like I had promised.

Folding the paper into squares I tucked it into another pocket as I walked besides the street. The money went with my phone.

The library was large and it was stocked full of books. When I entered through the glass doors the librarian nodded her acknowledgement of me. A book was laid out in front of her and she seemed engrossed in it, every few seconds the page would flip. I looked around the room. Dark wooden shelves were organized neatly in rows; they seemed to reach almost to the ceiling

               I wonder if she's read every book in here.

Each side of the room had a large window, next them were potted plants with blooming, spiky, magenta flowers dotted dark purple and violet the very core. These plants seemed to be everywhere, in pots of ceramic design on the tables that dotted around the library were people sat reading or working or hanging clay bowls with interact markings. The clusters of flowers on the tables in the ceramic pots seemed to a soft pink that gradually mixed into a yellow at its center and looked like cactus flowers, but they weren't, and each pod of cluster flowers were surrounded by small, thick-looking, lime green leaves with darker colored veins.

               Certainly tropical looking...

I stepped closer to look at one in a clay bowl, it was dusty blue that got darker the closer to the center and was an explosion of soft petals that blended with lavender purple on the outer edges. Tangles of dark green leaves and stems branched from its center and over spilled out of the bowl; waterfalling onto the ground.

               Might as well be a floral place as well... But I must admit it's pretty. Hell, I'm proud of our library, even if it does look like some place form a fairytale.

Stepping away from examining the lovely blue flower I walked towards one of the computers that weren't being used and plopped down into it's empty seat and began to look for a topic for this environmental science project. I decided it would have something to do with flowers.


It had gotten late and I had used the money to print out a few sheets on papers detailing the chemical properties in some flowers and how people use it; my eyes were burning from staring at a computer for too long. I still needed to find out how it corresponded to helping the environment.

Ariadne Black

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