Electus 2

Snow Ignites

"Sire. Have you gone insane? What did those Demonic Ignites do to you?" Asked Zar's Personal assistant after Zar left the center and made his way up to his Castle again.

Zar didn't feel the need to explain to his subjects why massacring and raping innocent people is bad. Yet he couldn't blame them. The Chapels of the illas have convinced the people rather well that Ignites are Demons from the depths of hell.

Having rather believable theories at the back of his mind, King Zar did not feel hesitant to explain but at first these thoughts ran through his mind. "Much like the fact that my Grandfather isn't a God, Ignites aren't demons. This was all a plans of Xakro illustratio l."

And of course he wanted to talk it out with Seer as well, normally Zar would behead anyone who says something this stupid to a King but Seer is important, he isn't royalty but is a good friend. "Seer. I'm going to ask you a question, use your logic here with me. Don't be short sighted like the common folk."

Seeing that Seer is listening, although a bit confused that his King did not have an outbreak of rage, King Zar continued. "According to the history books, the second Era started in Ignis when the war between Ignites and illustratios ended. They all settled in to co exist, well more like they've got more land than they wanted even thought the Continent ended up being split in 4 Countries."

Although confused where the King is going with this, Seer has read the history books enough to know exactly what piece of information links with it and he did not spare to tell. "Right, but there were minor groups of people in our motherland who were Ignites and the majority wwrw illustratios."

Seeing that Seer is catching up, with a smile Zar shouted. "Exactly." But of course has more to say in order to back up his own words. "And the other way around here in Occidentis Ignis. There used to be more Ignites here with small groups of illustratios as well. But they co existed although most prefered their actual officially claimed motherland."

"What is your point sire?" Seer asked the obvious, this History session is nice but how exactly does it link with what Zar just declared in the Kingdom Centre?

And finally, King Zar added the portion that doesn't add up, doesn't link. Even the illustratian History books failed to conceal or sugar coat these facts, perhaps over looked? "If they were able to co exist in considerable harmony throughout the Second Era for around 1,832 years, why did everything change once my Grand Father killed the Electus in her own Castle? We all know the Electus did not die in her sleep."

But of course, even if the History books failed to conceal it, the illas Chapel has formed rather believable facts for those few who knew such scarcly spoken royal information. "Because he took her powers, to use them for good. To kill Ignites."

"Exactly. That's what the books say. But if the Electus didn't kill innocent citizens, and even threatened two countries (Septemtrionis Ignis and Orientis Ignis.) to remain neutral with our motherland (Meridionali Ignis), how exactly did she use her powers for bad?" This information is rather hard to process, the past Electus no doubt sounds like a Hero here.

Landing the last bit of information that settles everything in place, as he saw Seer trying to comprehend everything, he added. "If not anything, she prevented a Snow Ignite uprising. They would have eaten up Meridionali Ignis if it wasn't for Akareas. The Snow Ignites and even the Ignites weren't in the same alliance as us, yet she helped."

Adding a bit of History that signifies relations, Seer spoke. "Ignites and Snow Ignites didn't co exist with each other, not to mention illustratios." Afterwards he started debating with himself, thinking and murmuring. "If Ignites are as bad as people say they are, regardless if they like the Snow Ignites or not, they would allow the war due to the opportunity of overtaking weakened forces after."

"The Electus kept everything together." He interrupted Seer's self debate, and shared what made Seer completely believe that this is all a sham. "My Grand father killed the Electus, launched an attack in Orientis Ignis, then Septemtrionis Ignis, leaving the Snow Ignites scattering around caves and ruins, and then at the end attacked Occidentis Ignis. Why weren't the Ignites demons before that attack?"

This convincing part of information led Seer completely clueless but at the same time revealed a lot of valuable information that links together. "I...I suppose. Well. I mean. I think…" He was struck speechless.

"There is nothing to think, the Ignites aren't demons. If anything, we would consider Xakro a demon. He had magical powers, and so did his son and grandson. Do you think the Grand King is a demon?" Of course using common illas phrases can be used to the King's advantage as well.

"Of course not sire. He is a hero." Seer spoke clearly once more, his tone arising.

Wiggling his finger in front of Seer, the King expressed with a small sigh. "A hero. No. But not a devil either. Magical powers don't have to do anything with hell, it's just Propaganda my Grand father payed priests to doo."

Finally admitting to his missdoing or best called misinformation. "You might have a point Sire."

And once again returning to reasoning, signifying a smart mind Seer stated facts. "But as that fool from Crutal Kingdom said, leaving the illustratian alliance will leave you vulnerable to attacks. Do you really think you have what it takes to withstand possible attacks from dozens of Kingdoms?"

He is prepared for this fact as well of course and he isn't planning to play stupid either. "Although being attacked by a Kingdom from the Motherland is typically bad, here in Occidentis Ignis, Pameres Kingdom is the only place who has people to spare. I got word that the Snow Ignites are revolting as well. I'm not certain of the situation but all I do know is that they invaded the Capital Kingdom and beheaded every illustratio in that Capital Kingdom."

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