Man Versus Volcano

Meanwhile, back in the cave which used to hold the underground town named Lan Zhe, the Gang faced a different problem.

Although now they are tight asleep as the moonlight granted them with a dim light throughout the cave's entrance, using dirt and edges to filter single threads of light on the edges of the Entrance. Those small threads acted as barriers of light and darkness, splitting illumination be it low or brighter.

"Graza Ho Dofet."

"Graza Ho Dofet."

"Graza Ho Dofet."

"Graza Ho Dofet."

"Graza Ho Dofet."

Yes, that voice with its source unknown made its presence known again.

Panicking, trying to figure out where it's coming from, Eric bounced out of his bed and spun around trying to find the owner of this horrendous tone. 

But regardless of effort, all he can see is pitch black darkness. No light, no different colors. Nothing else, just never ending darkness all around him.

He can't find the moonlight no matter which direction he dashed to a spin so why bother looking around furthermore and increase stress? 

Remembering Mogranius mentioning something about meditation bringing calmness, he sat down and started taking quick deep breaths.

Although poorly thought out, somehow his subconscious linked meditation with finding the moonlight as a reward.

As his breath started stabilizing, the situation did not cease to turn for the worse as that tone words aren't foreign any longer.

"Leave this place."

He woke up terrified. Not wasting a second, he stood on his feet posing a battle ready form, feeling the earth starting to rumble in a blink of an eye later.

"It was all a dream?" He thought as he started touching himself to assure he is awake and alive.

"Yes. I'm awake!" He whispered swiftly and ignited light fires from the palm of his hands. Getting a much brighter view of his surroundings.

Everything seemed normal at first, the Campfire seems to have burned out, Stefan's sleeping, so is Woldemir and Mogranius was listening to one of the Cave walls. Strictly normal, nothing new.

"Did you... the Earthquake. Did you feel it?" Eric asked trying to form a sentence but mumbled heavily. It isn't easy to form a sentence right after waking up to a voice telling him to leave this place, feeling as if he is drowning in his own sweat.

"No, I'm just casually listening to the cave, like I usually do." Even at such a situation, with dawn a couple of hours away, he still kept his signature Characteristic. Sarcasm. "Of course I felt the EarthQuake, why else would I be up this late listening to this tunnel?"

Knowing how to throw sarcasm as well, thankful that there are no enemies attacking which helped the young Electus relax a little bit, he spoke. "It isn't the weirdest thing you did so far."

Mogranius however, his eyes widened in shock topped with strong nervousness, he shouted. "We need to get out of here. Now!"

The cave began to shake once more, fearsome enough to wake up everyone else, even Woldemir! 

When Woldemir felt this tremendous shake, he quickly orientated himself and his first goal became to grab Eric.

Fair to say, his father instincts kicked in but his efforts were forced to become worthless.

He stood on his feet swiftly, and as soon as he located Eric and took a step towards him. Lava was to be seen, breaking out from the end of that dead end tunnel, right where Mogranius was standing.

The sudden impact forced Woldemir to take 3 large steps back by instinct. His heart sunk to his sock when he realized how close to the outburst of Lava Eric was standing.

But what about Mogranius? He was right in front of the lava. A foot apart from it when it broke out! The lava was large enough to fill the entire Tunnel, no gasp of air would be able to escape from any edge.

In that split second, Mogranius broke out a small Fire Shield and stretched it enough to protect his body. 

Using the second he bought to himself, he stretched the Shield enough to surround himself with it. Lava isn't to touch him, at least for now.

His Fire Shield is a couple of inches thick. The edges at the bottom have small flames burning lightly.

While the rest of the Shield is a light shade of fire which looks very polished, while the top of the shield is spheric.

Although the shield saved him from being burned alive, it did not stop the Lava from spreading around him.

The Lava he can't yet barricade isn't enough to fill the entire cave and boil the rest of the Gang alive, but it did manage to break out and spread in the forest a bit like a small creek.

However the Lava isn't gifted with the chance to spread for long. After Mogranius assured himself safeish and alive, he started working to save everyone else and prevent the Lava from causing an uncontrollable forest fire.

He stomped his right foot on the ground, squatted down and quickly arose on his feet again, standing straight.

As Mogranius stood straight, the Fire Shield started spreading slowly but surely.

First it spread 3 feet wide, which stopped a lot of the Lava's impact. But it wasn't enough to stop all of it, and that's what bothered him.

Still surrounded by Lava and even taking a second to look around, glorifying the magnificent sight in front of him, although his ass cheeks are collecting sweat.

The Shield is becoming harder to maintain the more sweat he gathers up, since he is opposing Lava that now has more impact considering the bigger mass he is going against to protect his friends.

Having a bit more space to move around now, he spread his legs wide and proceeded to do another squat.

He clapped his hands rather loudly which made the Fire Shield around him tremble or wiggle if I may. As if it was ready to upgrade.

The disadvantage from this clap, is that it just made the Fire Shield half the time weaker, meaning the shield thins down by an inch.

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