Man Hunt!

Without wasting a blink, they started shooting arrows towards Eric.

It's hard to predict when to dodge and which way to fly, as there are twenty Archers randomly shooting arrows against him.

Eric could feel several cold arrows lightly cutting his skin as he was dodging with all of his capabilities but still almost getting hit a good amount of times.

He felt the arrows scratching the surface of his skin and ripping apart parts of his clothing.

Blasting fireballs whenever he isn't dodging arrows tends to be difficult, resulting in unsuccessful hits most of the time.

He doesn't think that he will be able to fight off all twenty of them, they just won't stop shooting arrows and have the advantage number-wise.

Unlike in Crutal Kingdom, he fears for his life now. Before he felt like he had nothing to lose, but now he has people who give him genuine care to consider.

And in Crutal Kingdom, he could shoot freely, aided by the outburst even.

Here he needs to be careful to not cause a collapse, which would put many innocent lives at risk.

Just when he felt that he won't be able to keep this up for a long and for a split second even feeling that he should give up, reinforcement finally arrived.

The Grand Masters seem to have made their way down to the Volcano instead of exposing themselves to arrows up here and with effortful teamwork, they controlled the Lava upwards for the rest of the lava Controllers to contribute to this main attack.

What was awaiting the remaining illustratio Archers, will give them eternal nightmares if they make it out alive of course.

Molten Lava coming from tens of ways at once, started surrounding these Archers who were bold enough to attack such a powerful Civilization.

Once closing up to their target, the hundreds rivering Lava shots were forced to blend together, forming an ocean wave like scene.

Except this wave would rip the skin off one's body and turn the rest of it into ashes.

However when the Lava was making its way up in mid air, not even a small drop of it touched Eric. 

Either way he wouldn't feel the burn, But the Lava in this scene ain't soft on touch and would slam Eric against the hard ground.

Amazing when considering that Eric was right in the middle when such wave was forming, making him look like he's doing the Lava Controlling. Which made it a whole lot more terrifying on the Archers points of view.

The Lava went above Eric and quickly made its way downwards again aiming for these intruders.

The blow became so devastating that it killed all the remaining archers almost instantly.

And the people who were in the protective Fire Shield that Mogranius provided, were even able to hear the half screams one Archer made as the lava was pushing him against the Shield, burning him alive on the spot.

But of course that display was short lasting.

All the excessive amount of molten lava that's pooling around on the main entrance, is quickly being dragged back by the Calidum Lutum in an exquisite manner along with the corpses, at least no one would have to deal with cooked people. 

However this made it safe for Mogranius to break the Shield.

Due to the absolute control the Calidum Lutum have over the Lava, the body of the victim that was shot by Guard Commander Chan wasn't burned to a crisp, the Lava didn't even touch him.

Near the body is of course the crossbow Guard Commander Chan carelessly left behind, it survived too.

Perhaps this is what King Xakro the lll meant by, "We have a new Weapon that will aid you in battle."

Crossbows were invented not to long ago, less than a decade to be exact. And they each cost a hundred gold coins to purchase. 

Rather expensive as a lot of people earn a hundred gold pieces a month across [Country] Occidentis Ignis.

However, no one ever saw Crossbows that shoot explosive ammunition. What sorcery is placed behind this so called weapon is not certain.

As Mogranius broke the Fire Shield that took half of his stamina, Commander Alia instantly shouted. "Get them. Do not let any of them survive this."

As Eric was still flying in mid air, he instantly flew his way towards the tunnel, hunting for Guard Commander Chan and the four Archers that were escorting the coward out.

He is confused and quite shocked about everything that just happened, but will he let Chan get away with it? No!

Ignoring the fact that he lost half of his Stamina, Mogranius blasted fire off of his feet and followed Eric shortly after.

The Guard who was saved by Commander Alia also unleashed a harsh, rage filled, animal like roar. Shaking everyone's soul.

He's not happy about this loss, even if it is just one victim. He started running after Eric and Mogranius, aiming to brutally end the attacker's lives.

Although Mogranius is flying, he was shortly after given company by the ten foot tall Guard who's shaking the ground beneath his feet with his size and speed.

Expectable from a 300 pound man. Reaching and shortly after passing Mogranius, it's rather interesting to see a large man run past him. 

Eric who was a bit more further ahead, saw well that he is approaching the cowardly illustratios.

Although the Archers near Guard Commander Chan are qualified as an Elite team, they don't seem to have shame in running away.

But when Eric was finally able to spot them, the Archers were no longer running.

He saw his father who seemed to have utilized a stick, breaking the firm wooden bows of three Archers which of course disarmed them.

As for the fourth Archer, he's being continuously stepped on by BlackWind until he's no longer able to stand up.

An interesting form of teamwork no doubt, but will Woldemir be able to hold on to them before help arrives?

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