Fantastopia: The New Life (part 1)

Won't say what went up

When I first saw the king’s daughter, I had a feeling she was going to be hot. No wait, not hot, frickin gorgeous! She had long dark blonde silky hair with braided strands, some tied back and some laid loose creating a beautiful hair masterpiece. She wasn’t wearing a crown which was odd considering she’s the princess, but she wasn’t wearing some elegant princess dress, instead, she wore something that kind of surprised me.

Her outfit consisted of tight black pants that were tucked into some brown knee-high boots, she wore a flowy white off the shoulder top with a brown leather corset around her waist, and to top it off she wore a single necklace with silver heart charm.

She was just stunning, so stunning that I didn’t even know I was frozen with my jaw dropped and my eyes struck by her beauty. I mean those pants she was wearing was really enhancing her curves, like wow. Those hips though, damn! It was like my mind was watching her in slow motion so I could admire every detail about her, and boy was it working.

My palms were sweating, my face was blushing, my heart was skipping like it was dancing across a flower field. This has never happened to me before, what’s going on with me? I don’t believe in love at first sight, I’m just stunned that’s all. Yeah, that’s right, just stunned.

“Bet you’re glad you came now huh?” Lindel grinned at me which caught my attention.

“What?” I questioned when he motioned his head down my body.

I looked down, and that’s when I saw something that I didn’t even notice. My you know what was going you know where, and it was noticeable through my jeans! Get down! Get down!

I peered up to see that the king had walked over to them and began talking to his daughter. I needed to act quickly before they turn and see me trying to hide my you know what. And that’s when Oswind handed me a knight’s shield as I quickly held it in front of me to conceal it just as they walked towards me as I gave a smile that hopefully hid my embarrassment.

Okay Jesse, act cool.

“Jesse” the king spoke, “I’d like you to meet my daughter Aria.”

Aria? Wow, she even has a beautiful name.

“And Aria this is Jesse” he introduced me, hopefully, I still looked presentable “The new master of the ring.”

She turned to me with her chestnut brown eyes and a smile that sent shivers down my back. How were they were so white considering this place is like a renaissance time?

“Oh I’ve heard of you,” she remarked with a smile “It’s so great to finally meet you, Jesse.”

“Uh-” I tried to get my words out, but sometimes it was hard for me to talk whenever I see something so beautiful. Or, in this case, someone so beautiful.

“Thank you sir- I mean ma’ mn- I mean you’re highness! Yes, you’re highness.”

Great, first I embarrass myself in front of the king and now I embarrassed myself in front of his hot daughter, what is wrong with me? As I kept my eyes on Aria with my lips pressed tightly together to conceal my humiliation, she just gave a small giggle, I was surprised she wasn’t responding more, I don’t know, weirded out.

“You can just call me Aria” she offered, “Everyone does.”

“Oh” I responded a bit surprised, I’ve never heard of a princess wanting everyone to call her by her real name “Well it’s nice to meet you Aria. Sorry for my weirdness, I’ve never met a princess before... Oh, wait I’m supposed to bow!”

I gave a quick bow, surely she wouldn’t mind.

“Don’t worry you’ll get the hang of it” she assured with a small smile.

Okay so far so good I guess, this would have the be the first girl who hasn’t looked at me like I’m from another planet. I mean there were some girls who just faked a laugh because I could tell they thought I was handsome and they were trying to hide their reactions. But Aria wasn’t like those other girls, not just because she’s an elf and all but, I’m already starting to like her. And not to mention that I was able to lower the shield to my side now that I was beginning to settle down.

“Oh, you’ve got some cuts on your arms” she pointed to my arms.

“Oh yeah” I replied casually “Troll trap.”

“Yikes,” she cringed “How are you still alive?”

“I used this” Lindel held up the bright golden gem he had used on the trolls “The Sun Gem.”

“Is that what that is?” I raised an eyebrow “You can turn trolls into stone with that thing?”

“Well, you saw it happen while we were saving your sorry ass so yes, yes it does.”

Is this guy always like this? Because he’s starting to remind me of Kendra, which kinda scares me.

“Yeah, he’s always like this” Aria informed me, good to know.

“Aria,” her father spoke up, “Could you take care of his cuts? Also, get him to change into a new pair of clothes. If he keeps wearing that around here he’s gonna get eyes all over him.”

I looked down at my clothes and saw that my white tee and jeans were now slightly torn and with dirt stains. It wasn’t a complete mess but, I might as well try to blend in.

“I’m on it” Aria assured him before turning to me “Follow me.”

I followed Aria down the hallway and into what I assumed was some kind of clinic or something as I took a seat at the wooden table. I still had the shield with me though in case I needed to use it again, sometimes it sucks being male.


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