Chapter 25 - Successful in escaping?

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Yesterday was a fine day. It was good actually. When I woke up, I looked at the wall clock and saw the time. It was 6 O'clock in the morning. Yeah I woke up early though I was not allowed to go college and then there was no use of waking up this earlier. I could have sleep till 9 or 10 but just I do not have this habit. I am early morning bird. I got off from the bed and made my way towards the bathroom. I did my morning routine and took a shower. And also washed my hairs. I forgot that I have already shampooed my hairs yesterday. But anyways if you had applied shampoo already so go ahead.

'Shit Bella you do not have clothes girl.'

I thought to myself. I wrapped myself with towel and using another towel I wrapped my hairs.

I walked towards the cupboard and grab a long sized shirt after looking at every shirt. There was no bottoms inside the cupboard so I ended up wearing that only . That shirt was reaching till my knees. And it was good length though but it was short for me because rarely I wear that much short dress. I uncovered my hairs and let them opened. My hairs was wet and from some strands water was fallings.

'Oh Flowers. I need to water them.'

'Yayy! Lets go.'

Suddenly that cute heavenly garden appeared in my thoughts and I left my room and made my way towards the kitchen to ask Ashlyn about the way of garden.

But Ashlyn was not there but another girl was standing there maybe she was preparing food but did not know for whom. When she turned I was shocked. She was beautiful with grey eyes and blond hais. She has perfact body. She was looking llike Ashlyn, the young Ashlyn.

"Hey! Are you Bella?" She asked me.

"Yes." I nodded and replied her with a small smile.

"Do you need something? Like its early in the morning and sir I think sleeping yet. So you want to have something to eat?" She asked me like she did a mistake asking me do you need something.

"Ohh no Its okay. I want to know the way towards the small cute garden," I replied her.

"Okay follow me." She smiled and moved. I followed her.

'This time focus on your move girl and this way.'


I talked to myself.

It was simple way actually. straight from the kitchen and then right way and straight and there was the door. Open that and There you go. 

Now you are in heaven. 

"Thank you miss." I was stopped when I thoght that I did not know her name. 

Then she spoke "Erin."

"Thank you Erin." I repleid with a smile.

"Oh wait. Here you go." She said and put her hands in her pocket and after pulling it out from the pocket. She was handling a chocolate. And handed me that.

"Oh thank you so much." A big smile appered on my lips.

"Its okay. Mum told me to give you this." She said and smiled and left me.

'She is so nice.'

'Yeah and Ashlyn is her mother. That is why she looks like her.'

'That is so good.'

After finishing short conversation with myself, I moved further and picked that big water mug and started watering the plants. I was watering slowy slowly and that wet soil fregnance was entering my nostrills and that was so good. I love this good smell. 

I was so much busy in watering the plants that I forgot that I have my chocolate. I put that mug on floor and I put out chocolate from my shirt's pocket and opened its wrapper and ate mouthfull of chocolate. When I looked around to find a dustbin I saw someone else. The one who owns this house. Zen. As always he was in his bussines attire. His hairs was fully and properly brushed.  He was hot as always.

"What are you doing here?" He asked me.

"Don't you see? Ofcourse watering the plants." I replied him.

"Ohh. Is it so? But now I am seeing a women who is eating a chocolate like a kid." He said with a smirk on his lips.

Damn.. He is so hot. I love him man!.

"I was watering the plants. Now I am done." I replied him and due to his comment I was in shame so I did not ate another bite. 

"Okay okay. Let's go and eat something." He said and turned to left the room.

I just followed him and soon we were in the kitchen and took our seats. We sat silently. Before serving our breakfast her phone was ringing.. she quickly placed our breakfast and left the kitchen.

"So wanna buy some clothes?" He suddenly asked after taking a bite of food in his mouth.

"For whom?" I asked as if was unaware of whom he is talking about.

"Don't act like this. You know very well whom I am talking about. Today I'm not going office. Be ready within an hour. We are going to buy some colthes for you." He said while.munchinh his food.

"Okay." I only replied in a single word.

After completing our breakfast we left the kitchen. The billionaire Mr. Zen got busy in attending his phone calls and then I made my way towards my room. 

When I entered the room luckily I found my clothes, yes my clothes. The clothes when inwas wearing when this freaking billionaire kidnapped me. 


I'll definitely die only thinking about the reason behind my kidnapping.

I Changed my clothes into my clothes (funny na) which was a hoodie and a jeans. I tied my hairs in a pony tail. I applied lipgloss and that was it. I was ready. Such a quick chick.


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