Forever Alone Book 1


Rayon's pov

I observe Aki and from the way she acts, I know that she is physically present but mentally absent. She look so sad as she bent her head down. She's also quiet as the silence in the air. All I can hear is her breathing and sighs. I just pretend not to notice her.

"So, do you still love Raven?"

She slightly bend her head up to face me. Confused were flashed in her eyes.

"W-what did you just say?"

"A-ahm, nothing. I said what do you want to eat? Its our first date so lets enjoy the night while its still young." I said smilling widely.

"Anything is okay for me."

"Aki, you don't need to go with me, you know?" I sigh. "I know your heart refuses to be with me but your mind says otherwise."

"I-I don't know what are you t-talking about, R-rayon."

"You don't have to hide it, Aki. Im a friend. Don't worry, I'll just want you to agree to a deal tonight. Its not a romantic date. Just a friendly one."

She smiled. "Okay, I got it. What deal?"

"See? You look prettier when you smile." I tease her.

"Oh, cut the crap, Ray! Just talk!"

"I have this ex-girlfriend, Angie. She's Rav's current girlfriend. Anyway were together for one and half year only to know that she and Rav were almost one year, too! I love her back then but decided to leave them alone for 2 years. Actually when you came back here, its the time I also arrived from Germany. You know--to move on was my purpose but I-I can't, until now."

"So what?"

"She want me again. She want us to have a second chance. I still love her but I don't want to be her other man. I want it to be only me. And she's bugging and pissing me off everytime we meet."

"And then I'll pretend to be your fiancee'?"

"Only if you want. Hitting two birds in one stone is exciting, don't you think?"

"What do you mean?" Shock all over Aki's face.

"Are you agreeing with me, then?"

"As if I have a choice, Ray!"

"Of course you have!"

"You're a cliff hunger! Just tell it!"

"I'll tell you when we get there."

Then I cross the space between me and Aki to hug her----only to see Angie walking towards us.


Shakira's pov

When Rayon hugged me, I hug him back. I don't know why I feel comfort at his arms. I remember Raven back when we were still together.....

Then reality hit me when Rayon's arms tightened. He froze and somewhat shocked? I just feel it.

"Ray, is everything okay?"

"No. Angie's here." He whisper back.

"Oh, no!"

"She's a freak! Just be yourself and act like we like each other."

Raven's pov

Its past eleven thirty in the evening but still my twin brother and Ari hasn't arrive yet. And Im damn worried! What if something bad happen to them? What if they had an accident and no one help them?

While thinking if different possibilities why they aren't here already, I walk passed the door of the guest room here in Ari's house and walk back near the study table below the glass window where you can see if someone's coming.

After a minute or so, I sat down in bed and opened the drawer of the study table where our photo album----Ari's and I----where there. A faint smile curved ar my lips as I open the first page of the album. And I can't help but think back the memories it contains....


Nhelle Joy Dan

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Story about: younglove, love and past, tragedy

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