Glass lotus

Chapter five

My dad insists we see a doctor even when I tell him I'm okay. We reach the doctor's and while we wait I excuse myself and go to the ladies room. I look at my pathetic self and frown why am I crying for a man that doesn't think twice on hurt me,I wish there was medicine on matters of the heart I would have spent millions on it if I had to.

Enough lotus how pathetic can you be my God ,his probably not even thinking about you. How do I tell Liam that his dad is never coming back my boy still thinks he's the reason Nick left.

I am just in time as they call for me and I head into the doctor's, the lovely nurse gives me a hospital gown so i could be comfortable because the dress I'm wearing I like a second skin. She leaves and tells me that the doctor will be with me soon.

I'm less than a minute the doctor walks in.

"Hello Mrs Biltran, I'm doctor Fredinand,are you here with someone?".

" Please you can call me lotus Mrs Biltran is my mother and no I'm not here alone I'm with my father he's waiting outside".

" Good since you're still in your first trimester we will do a vaginal ultrasound. The probe used for this does not need to go in very deep,  most women find that it fits comfortably inside the vagina. You will feel the gel to be a little cold but no worries you're unsafe hands. And there we go there's your little one and just a minute you'll be able to hear the heartbeat....there we go".

I hear the heartbeat and I shade tears, I'm so happy I'm really going to be a mother. I can't believe this. That like thing there is my baby.

"Would you like pictures of the ultrasound?"

" Of course doctor please".

" So everything is fine with the little guy or girl,just continue taking care of yourself and you need to set the date of a dating ultrasound".

He gives me the pictures and I'm so happy I'd kiss this man.

I walk out and run straight into my dad's arms crying

"Oh my dear lottie is something wrong, with you or the baby".

" No dad nothing feels better, I'm the happiest woman on earth,look at your little grandbaby",I show him the pictures and he hugs me tighter.

 "Oh my dear I'm so happy I can't wait for my granddaughter", and he gives me a kiss on my forehead.

"What makes you say it's a girl?",I ask.

" Because I want a mini like Lottie that I can love and spoil rotten".

" And if it's a boy?".

" Liam has already stolen all the love and attention from the two women I love I don't need another one to get everything completely". I laugh and hug him tight.

" Oh dad I'm happy I can't wait to go and show mom,Liam and Katherine these pictures and then we can start designing the nursery when we go to Italy",I excitedly exclaim.

" Ah yes Luciano and I can start working on the nursery's furniture,he is an excellent crafts man".

" Who's Luciano dad?".

" Oh you'll meet him when we get to Italy sweetie",with that we head to thecar and are on our way to the hotel.

Immediately we reach the hotel I'm out and rushing to the elevator with my dad following behind me. I just can't wait to show them the pictures of my baby.

"Mom,Liam , Katherine come see pictures of the baby!", and I here footsteps rushing my way.

"Oh my gosh let me see",my mom yells excitedly,I show her and we begin jumping around and giggle like teenagers.

My dad just shakes his head and sighs walking away he knows that from now on till the baby is born, he's all will be taking about. And this means shopping and my mom doesn't a lot of it, she's like a tornado.

"Why is everyone shouting?",Liam and Katherine.

" Liam sweetie come see your little brother or sister".

" What exactly am I looking at Mommy?",he looks at me confused, I chuckle and hug him tight.

"Are you ready to go to Italy with granny and grandpa?". I ask him and his enthusiasticly nods his head .

"Okay let's go order lunch and then we can get packing".

My parents and I are having lunch when I receive another call I swear if it's Nick, I'm gonna go crazy what the hell does he want I spoke to him a while ago when he called and put him in his place.

"Hello, what the hell do you want Nick?".

" Nick?,why the hell are you talking to my husband you slut?",some nerve this woman has to call and call me a slut.

"Who the hell is this?.

" It's me Camille the woman who could do something that you couldn't,I gave Nick a son and I'm going to be his wife he asked me to marry him".

" Some nerve you've got you little bitch,as for Nick you can keep him because he's a little bitch just like you you're meant for each other and stop calling my phone or I'll have you arrested for harrassment. And I can easily expose you for what you really are which is a gold digger, I know why you came back to L.A because your family is broke ,you Dad spent all his money on gambling in casinos that's why you came here to try and trap a rich man, I have pictures of you with different men while you worked as an escort,who knows if that kid is Nick's but don't worry sweetie I won't tell your so called husband. Sooner or later though I'll reveal everything and I'll watch as everything distroys him and I can't wait".

" You bitch, you won't do shit because my husband won't believe you,who do you think he'll believe the woman who gave him a child or throne that couldn't?, And as for the main reason I called is because have some dignity and hand over the peach moonstone lotus ring, I want it".

" Oh Camille,if I knew any better I'd say you're jealous and is obessed with me ,as for the ring tell Nick to come get it in exchange for the rest of his shares and will see if after he is penny less you'll still be with him".

" Shut up I'm not a gold digger like you",she snapped.

" Oh honey if there's any gold digger here it's Nick I saved his company from bankruptcy and he wanted to leave me with nothing after the divorce so Nick here is the gold digger". And I hang up.


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