Haunted House

Haunted House Part-4

As they reached home Mr Prakash Sharma said-" Son, I don't think what doctor spoke about Anjali's symptoms are true...! Just look at her I feel like she is not my daughter Anjali and I don't think that doctor can help us in this matter...I think Anjali, is possessed by someone we need to meet paranormal investigator..!"

Listening to his father-in-law Mihir gets furious and he said--"what rubbish are you speaking...? I don't believe in this bullshit... Anjali, needs doctor's help not any paranormal investigators' and yes children until now whatever they have seen and heard they're very scared, so take them with you for few days, and I'll take care of Anjali by myself...!"

After saying Mihir goes away.... looking at Mihir's behaviour Mr Prakash Sharma, and his wife feels little weird, because before Mihir had never behaved so rude with anyone, but thinking that due to Anjali's condition he has become little stressed out...! before going Mrs Sharma, wanted to meet Anjali, she went  to her room and saw that Anjali was sleeping...!

Mrs Sharma, went near her and she sees Anjali's nails have completely turned black and very awful smell was coming from Anjali's body..the room was complete cold. Mrs Sharma, walked away from the room and she asked her husband to go out of the house and they took their grandchildren along with them and went their house...!

After reaching home whatever Mrs Sharma, saw and felt at her daughter's house she said everything to her husband..and they understand that their daughter was possessed actually Anjali's parents are very spiritual people and Anjali's grandfather was a very high status Priest at the temple. And by their personal experience they knew that if in this world many people worship god, then they are people who also worship evil...! Whatever was happening with Anjali they knew she was possessed by demon..!

They called children and said--" Varun and Maya don't worry you're mother will be fine very soon and till then you both have to stay with us..!"

Varun asked--"grandpa what has happened to mummy...?  and what did doctor say...?"

Maya said--" Yes grandpa and grandma when we will go back home?"

Mrs Sharma--"very soon you will be going back to your home baby, but until then you both will be staying with you're grandpa and grandma. Okay, tell me one thing you're mother fell ill all of sudden....before also she was ill or she behaved weird..?"

Varun said--" we don't know much, but mummy wasn't able to sleep properly few days back..we heard her saying Papa that every night she would wake up hearing some noise...! Since we have come in the new house something very strange is happening with mummy...!"

Mr Prakash Sharma said--"Really...?? did anything ever happened to you both...?"

Varun said--"Nooo...!"

Mrs Sharma said---"okay...! both of you freshen up and I will prepare food for you guys..!"

After listening to children, Mr Prakash Sharma, understood that demon needs only Anjali, because only she could feel some entity presence in the house and after thinking for a while Mr Prakash Sharma, understood that maybe someone by voodoo has possessed Anjali..Mr Prakash Sharma, phoned his old friend who had knowledge about black magic...! 

Next day, Mr Prakash Sharma's friend Vikram, came home and Mr Prakash Sharma, explained everything about his daughter to his friend...!

Mr Prakash Sharma said---"Vikram, your mine very close friend and you know that Anjali, is only my child...please help me am really worried for her and she has two children too. Now your the only person who can save my daughter...!"

Mr Vikram said--" whatever you said about Anjali, if she is really possessed then we have to something very soon or else if we will delay then it will be difficult to help her and even we might lose Anjali because in one body two souls can't be! firstly, we have to know that Anjali is really possessed by evil force or not and if she is possessed then who's soul is it...?"

Mr Prakash Sharma said--"what we should do...?"

Vikram said---"whatever we are doing or we will do nobody should know about it because we can't trust anyone.. even  Mihir, shouldn't know anything about all this...! now let me concentrate on voodo board for that I need some materials too!"

Mrs Sharma said--"come with me... upstairs there is one room where you can concentrate...!"

Time was 11'o clock at night...Mihir, is all alone with Anjali in the house and suddenly someone knocks on the door...so Mihir, opens the door some unknown person enters his house and both of them speaks for long time, at that moment breaking of door sound comes from Anjali's room, and Anjali screams aloud..Mihir, remembers that he had forgotten to give her meat like every day he used to give her...so he quickly gets up and takes some meat pieces to Anjali when he enters the room he saw on floor glass pieces were  spreaded and sitting in one corner Anjali, was eating glass pieces, her mouth was filled with blood quickly Mihir passed the plate towards her filled with meats; Anjali, looked at Mihir and she laughed "Haaaahaahaaa" her laughter was so dangerous and sharp that Mihir closed his ears and went out of the room..!


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