Hold Onto Me (i'm Here to Fix You Book 2)

Chapter 25 - Her choice



"She's pregnant!" I tried to stand, but barely could, and not only because my bones felt broken for real, but mostly because I'd been tied to the cage for some reason, like a wild animal they ought to beware of. "She's fucking pregnant, you bastard!" I shouted at the men that were circling Silvia, waiting to pounce on her, while the crowd cheered for them. None of the spectators rooted for her, yet she didn't seem intimidated. I thrashed, despite all the pain, tugging at the chains, but I was too weak to do anything. "Ugh, wait till I stand up, you piece of shit! I'll teach you to take it against a pregnant woman!"

"Will you shut the fuck up, Jake?! I'm trying to concentrate here!" Silvia snapped at me, louder than the crowd, or so it seemed to me. There was a fire in her hazel eyes, a fire I think I've only ever seen that day when she caught me with Olivia.

"You can't fight, you're-"

"Not anymore." She eyed the bearded burly man behind her, to be sure he wouldn't attack her at the unexpected, while the other seemed to want to watch first. In other circumstances I'd laugh, because they underestimated her, but right now it was luck that they didn't think she would be able to fight back, at least they might go a little gentler ... I hope. "I'll explain once we're out of here. Now just shut up and let me fix the mess you put us in." She turned back to the man, and made a show of cracking her knuckles. "Now, should we get started?"

I stared at her, dumbfounded. What the fuck happened? How long was I unconscious? Last I saw her the belly bump was fucking clear. Now ... I stared at her stomach when she backed up against the cage to dodge an uppercut. There was no belly bump. None at all. Did she ... did she lose the baby?

Silvia skillfully dodged another blow, and managed to assess a powerful jab in the meantime, one that had her opponent stagger back. A 6'8'' man that was even bigger than I, she managed to have him stagger back, clearly affected. Weren't we stuck in this fucked up predicament I put us into, I would even be proud of her. The other man looked impressed, while the crowd awed.

Silvia smirked, confident, as she gestured for her opponent to come at her. He charged at her, which was a mistake, because that way she could step aside at the very last moment, causing him to crash against the cage, giving her the chance to get a hold of his arm, twisting it behind his back, and to leverage on his knee from the back to have him fall. Man, was she great. I knew she could kick ass, but I didn't have the slightest clue she could be this good.

Her opponent had no chance. He may have been big, but he was too slow for her, and too angry to understand that he should think his moves carefully. Sure, he did get a few punches in, but mostly it was her to attack. The crowd was overjoyed, the sums betted were higher than the ceiling, and when, finally, she managed to get the man to surrender, everybody burst into deafening cheers. Hadn't we been in a fucked up predicament like this, it'd have seemed Silvia was a UFC champion or something of the sort.

The other guy was more difficult. He didn't surrender as easily, and he retaliated more than his pal, but in the end, Silvia won over him as well. I swear, I've never been so proud of her and at the same time aroused, for how sick that may sound. That doesn't change the fact that my (ex) girlfriend was fighting for me, for us, to save us from the mess I put myself and her into. I always knew that, by staying by my side, Silvia's lifework would be to save my ass. I just never knew it would be literal.


"They'll let us go if I win 7 matches." Silvia wheezed as she collapsed against the wall beside me once the gorilla that brought us into this shithole left. I'd have fought back as they dragged us from the cage to this dark and narrow room, but I was too weak and too wounded, and the guns pointed at our backs didn't give us much of a choice. I mean I wouldn't have cared if they shot me, but Silvia ... it's already enough that I fucked up her existence like this, the least I can is do my best not to let her get shot.

"7 matches?"

"7, yes." She inhaled deeply. "I've won 4 times, so we're almost there."


"It was the price Mr. Sokolov fixed to save your life."

"What?!" I shot up, having not seen that one coming, my ribs hurting in the process.

Silvia sighed, closing her eyes, clearly exhausted. "You went nearly there, Jake." She clenched her jaw and fists, angry. "How was it, as long as you breathe, I breathe. didn't you say that?" She scoffed. "Then why the hell did you get into this mess?" She snapped her eyes open, turning to me, to show me once again the fire in those hazels, the same fire I'd witnessed throughout her matches. "You said there wouldn't be a next time, because I couldn't handle it. You said you wouldn't get into life danger again, that you wouldn't do this to me." She spat, contempt in her tone as well as anger. "How many lies does that mouth of yours spit, Jake. How many fucking lies. And I'm stupid for believing in you."

I closed my eyes, dropping back against the wall. "I'm sorry." It was all I could say.

"Oh, you're sorry." She barked sarcastically. "Wow, thanks, now I feel much better!"

"Silvia ..." I reached out for her hand, but in response she slipped farther away from me. At least they didn't cuff us to the wall or something, it's a good sign, I suppose. But I don't hold many hopes. Sokolov may have said he'll let us go, but he won't. Especially not if he finds out who I am.

"Ugh, don't even start." She braced herself, turning to the other side. "You're nothing but a liar. You've spent months sweet-talking into my ears, making believe you actually meant anything of what you said. Bravo, Jake, bravo." She clapped her hands. "You're one hell of a pretender, I must say."

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