How are you, me?

You Cried Because of Me

You walked alone, drenched in the rain, teary-eyed and dying with pain. Your shoulders were as heavy as your chest, your strides as slow as your breathing.

It was all because of me.

You used to be so jolly—a natural optimist. A humorous guy who had an unwavering spirit. No one could ever give you an urge to cry for you were armored with happiness. Everyone liked you. Everyone depended on you.

But, I turned that amazing person into a lonely beast. After that day, you rarely smiled. You never laughed again. Gone were the funny jokes from you. You turned into a lifeless vessel.

Was it because you told me that I was your life? So, I was gone, you were barely alive.

I sincerly hoped that you'd let go of me because I would never come back. You needed to accept that and continue your life.

Please, you shouldn't let someone like me convert you into someone you were not. You should weep for me no more.


Edited: 20.11.2020

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