I Do Father

Chapter 4

Chapter 4-Subway Station 
The student will be given a complete set of uniform of the school including the P.E. uniform and shoes. 
• No fees for I.D. of the scholar. 
• Free lunch and break time foods. 
• Zero balance for tuition fee. (Including exams) 
• Finance Office will not accept any payment/s from the scholars. 

Requirements to maintain
• Have 90 and above for general average in every subject. 
• No grades lower than 90. 
• Do not disobey the school’s guide lines even once. 
• Allowed to join extra curricular activities raised by the school. 

Opening of classes will start on September 29. Good Luck, Scholars! 

Wow. This is absolutely—I don’t know what to say but this is amazing. The privileges are good enough and worth it to study hard. I can’t imagine myself studying in a famous university with such a best privileges. Wait? Did I say good before, if I did, let’s scratch that, it’s best after all. I’m sure Tom, mom and dad will be happy when they hear the good news. I can’t wait to go home and tell this. 

Forgot to tell you, I’m in the subway waiting for a train to stop by so I can go home. And it’s 6 ‘o clock in the evening yet no train had arrived, it’s freaking me out down here. Only the three of us are here waiting for the train, one was the old man, second was the creepy guy who wears a black hoodie in his head that covers his face, and me.  

The wind traces my skin and it gave me goosebumps.  
“Excuse me?” I feel someone touched me from my shoulder. This is really happening, I guess. 

“P-please don’t hurt me!” I accidentally uttered.  

It was the hoodie guy and he was staring at me blankly; no emotion not even a sign of shock seeing how rude I am or kind of insulting to him. His eyes are so beautiful as well as his face.  

“Y—your e—eyes a—are s—,” I whispered at the same time gasping. What am I going say? This stupid mouth. 

“I’m not going to hurt you, babe. Are you alright? I stood there for an hour and you didn’t glance on me even once,” he finally smiled, showing white pearls of him. But what did he just say? Babe? Me? 

“I’m disappointed to you, babe, do you really love me?” 

“Crazy.” I answered back, he is crazy, what is he saying about? I don’t have a boyfriend yet. 

“Yes… yes, I am crazy in love with you, babe. I’m sorry.” 

“W—who are y—,” before I could finish my question, he grabbed my right hand and started to walk far from the subway when the train had arrived. I can’t lose that train! 

“What are you doing? I need to go home, hoodie guy!” I tried to pull back my hand but he was strong enough to hold it. He didn’t answer me, he just walked continuously without any word.  

“What is wrong with you? Kidnapping me? Where are we going? Help! This guy is kidnapping me!” I keep yelling though I know no one’s here to help. Ugh. Feel so hopeless inside.  

As soon as we reached the empty street he released my hand and stared at me again. I crossed my both eye brows, I am mad, how dare he? 

“How dare you pulled me here? Look, I lose the train I’ve waited for an hour and thanks to you I need to wait another hour to get home!” I’m totally pissed, how could a man treat a lady like this? Why not to be gentle instead?  

“I—I am very sorry,” he apologized. 

“That’s all? Sorry? How could your numb apology can take me home, hoodie guy?” I think I am acting like a bitch, haven’t I? He just get into my nerves, sorry. “I am not this kind of person that yells people around, but, you got into my nerves,” pointing out to his chest. 
He kept quiet for a second then he pulled something from the pockets of his hoodie. 

“Here.” He was snorting. 
Money? I don’t remember asking for money. 

“Don’t want it? Come on, I’m sorry I just need to do it for some reason, okay? I’m paying for your not—participating—role, aren’t you glad?” 

“You don’t want to wait for another one hour to the subway, right? Grab a ride and pay it using these. The train is cheaper anyways.” 

The words came out, you have been used. “I am not going to accept money from you! I am not the same with the other girls there, accept money from a rude boy like I am their belongings!” 

This time, his eye brows crossed as well, “I didn’t say that! I don’t even want to own a horrible girl like you. I know I’ve crossed the line but it was just an excuse because I’ve been followed.” 

Shoot. My heart hurts. Tom was the only one I authorized to say that though I felt little pain whenever he teases me, however, right now, this stranger in front of me have the guts to insulted me about the same thing. How horrible am I?  
I know that I shouldn’t get affected knowing that he was only a stranger yet it really hurts being insulted from the way you looks.  

I nodded after that I turned my back from him and began walking away. This doesn’t makes sense at all. You have been used and insulted with a stranger. I bit the lower lip of mine. I will catch a ride or walk instead, I’m not going to take that subway or to get bumped from that jerk again. Ever.  

I entered the house very energetic since I am about to spread the good news. Let’s try our best to hide the unfortunate event that happened a while ago, could we? For your information, I walked to get home. I don’t have enough fare to pay a ride. 

'He was right ‘trains are cheaper.’ 

“You are late,” Tom interfered with this bossy attitude. He was sitting near from the table, sipping a coffee, I think. 

“Exams and interviews,” I simply hinted him whilst putting down my bag on the chair before I take a sit. 


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