I Have My Ways

The plan

 “That’s what happened” Apriva is done narrating her story about the twin and everyone is calm and silent.
“Uh…I-I don’t know what to say” Katty mentions falling her face to her toes, and crossing her legs like a meditating queen.
“Very understandable” Apriva lets out and Katty gives her a smile of encouragement.
Ciara straightens her spine facing Apriva on the couch “Do you think you could give Joel a chance if he seeks for you?” 
Everyone positions their gazes on her curiously “Why Joel?” 
“Do you need an answer to that?” Ciara reproaches with all sincerity.
Apriva sighs exhaustively “I don’t know”
“Was that responds from your mind or heart?”
“I can’t answer that either” she breaks almost into tears
“Yes, you can! I’ve known you for so long and how you talked about his reaction, it’s so clear you love him and not his brother. And we all know he feels the same!” Ciara spills causing Apriva to send a glance at Katty and Brithney who nodded their heads in agreement.
“He loves you! That’s why he didn’t rush you to tell him how you feel about him even when his brother persisted.”
“Maybe he was scared of your response and decided to put it aside or maybe he just wants you to know that whatever decision you make; he’s going to be there for you. Yet, he wants that decision should come from your heart and not under pressure. He’s ready to wait” Brithney finalized. Katty and Ciara didn’t keep eyes off her after her speech. They know she is not a fan of love and may never be. So hearing this from her is breaking news which deserves a lot of attention.
“I must admit; you’re quite professional in this than I am. How in the world did you form all those words in one breath?” Katty compliments more than she inquires and Brithney goes silent for a while before responding “I don’t think I said extra. I’m still a human with a heart and do watch some inspirational love movies so, it’s but normal if I gripped something from their lessons” 
“Wow! Look at what we got here. Hope you do settle these “Lessons” in your love life because we can’t wait to see where this…relationship with Romaine goes” Ciara adds
Brithney opened her eyes wide “There is nothing between us and the only reason which you all know I had a drink with him that day or any other day is a gratitude for what he did.”
“Blah blah blah” Katty provokes. Brithney grits her teeth looking away.
“It’s getting late and I much work tomorrow” 
“Do you still need to do that bastard’s work?” Katty utters
“Do I need to remind you where I stand?”
“We came out with a plan remember?” Ciara recalls 
“Yeah but till then, I have to do what he asks of me” 
“Till then is when?” they both question and she stays dump 
“Well, it’s either sooner or never,” Katty says bringing Brithney’s wounded attention to her.
“He is a dangerous man girl. I’ve been with him for just a day and the men he works with are not to be dealt with”
“What men exactly? And what does that have to do with him?”
“Everything Ciara, everything!! I feel he’s getting involved in some bad business. Essentially the main reason I cannot let you all take this risk.”
“Exactly the information we need! You work for him and can access his most vital reports. You already have a clue of who he works with. All that you need now is to use that against him.” 
Brithney stares at Ciara downloading her words for a second before her brows lit up in amazement “That never crossed my mind” 
“Of course it wouldn’t have crossed your mind because the results were right before you. That which is near is always invisible” Katty compliments.
“So this is what we’re going to do…like we talked the last time, we need to know where he resides, what exactly he does out of work, and more to that…we’re still not sure about the contract he’s dad signed with your parents and what he will contain. We need to find those as well” Ciara suggest
“Are you insinuating he must have lied about the whole contract thing…?”
“Who knows? Maybe he is just after something else”
“I think I know what it might be” Apriva speaks gaining their attention “He’s trying to use you to cover up his dirty works. And he knows you can’t quit or snitch on him because he has something against you. So I agree with Ciara on finding the will and contract if possible for those are the two weapons he uses” 
“Thanks for that” Ciara appreciates
“You’re most welcome” Apriva responds with a wide grin 
“Nonetheless, that doesn’t make you any less lesb” Ciara whispers 
They all burst into laughter while Apriva shakes her head amusingly “How is that lesb?”  
“I still can’t forget what you did last time and even right now you keep staring at me with those snake eyes of yours and gestures”
“Do not insult my eyes!”
“I am not insulting them. I’m stating a fact which is true” Ciara covers
“Facts are always true Miss” Katty backfires 
“Oh! So now you team up with her against me” 
Katty plays innocent “What are you talking about? I’m just editing your statement” 
“Since when did you start being so persuasive with sweet words?” Ciara re-fires 
“I guess from the moment you started acting up with your mom” Katty mentions and she shrugs.
The others couldn’t pick it up what she meant but kept looking in between Katty and Ciara.
“I visited your mom today after seeing Jake in town. I knew he was going to find Jack. Unfortunately, your mom had already gotten insides and took him off school earlier”
“How did you know that?” Ciara questions
“I passed by his school to collect him but his guardian told me he was picked up by your mom. That’s how I knew. Moving to your house after that, I saw Jake living out of the gate. I was a distance away so he didn’t notice my presence. I made sure to go check out what went on but your mom didn’t admit to being a single truth. And till now, you haven’t told us anything of which I’m doubting you had plans to. We are your family for goodness sake! How could you just leave us in the dark of such info”
Ciara looks at the three of them in silence and rubes her hair backward “Is there something else you aren’t telling us”
Just her look alone makes their faces fall “I’m so sorry guys. This isn’t the way I wanted you all to know. I talked with Jake after he tried taking my son away.”
“What!? And you didn’t tell us! What if something happened to you?” Katty exclaimed
“I didn’t care! All I wanted was for him to keep his distance from my family. But I was so wrong! He threatened to file a complaint about the fact that I hide Jack from him and never told him I was pregnant. He said he wants his son if not, he won’t hesitate to take me to court. I can’t give him my baby. Not after the pains, he put me through. I know my baby is not going to be safe with him so why does he want to endanger us.”
“You’re not giving Jack to him. Do not fall for what he said” Brithney let out
“You know what? He’s right. There’s nothing we can do about it. I am on the edge of the wall. I can’t go ahead, I can’t withdraw. If he takes me to the court concerning this, he’s going to win. The allegations he charges against me are true. I will have nothing to prove to the magistrate about who he truly is and why I left him”
“Until I find something against him, then I could boost keeping my son.”
“Do you think he is here just for Jack and not something else?” Brithney questioned
“What do you mean?” 
“Why is he so in a haste to take Jack? And by the way, how he wants to have him is not right. He needs to acknowledge that Jack is not familiar with him. You alone could make them be together.” Apriva mentions 
“Did he give you the latest date?” Katty inquired 
“Yeah. This month-end” 
“What a jerk!” Katty slanged 
“You shouldn’t play his game. I suggest you let him use the second option. We’ll help you get a good lawyer while we investigate personally” 
They all node at her words and the grew a short time silence. 
“Do you know where he settles in town?” Apriva requested
“I have no idea” 
“Could you from henceforth record your discussions? They’ll be of good aid.” Brithney adds
“Absolutely! Thanks for the reminder. Now back to you” Apriva says, her eyes digging into Brithney’s 
“We will help you out first before focusing on my matters”
“Certainly for now he has not taken you to court so we could make good use of our time to settle my case once and for all. Still, we need to keep eyes at the back of our heads towards him” Brithney responds and they all agree with nodes.
Jake was the love of her life, the dude who stole her heart. She was always with him 24/7 but everything went upside down when she discovered he was a drug dealer. That wasn’t the type of life she dreamed of having. Moreover, as a student, it was threatening. She had no peace. Things went worse discovering she was pregnant. She had to stay far away from him and of course, didn’t dare to inform him about their unborn child. Bringing us to the reason she is so scared of giving Jack away. 
“The night is still young. We shouldn’t end our day the way we started it. I have some series of recommendations-”
“No-no-no. We’re not going to watch those annoying Indian resurrecting movies” Katty was cut by Apriva before she ended her statement 
“We? Are you their mouth peace? Anyway, we’re going to make a debate on that and choose the majority for or against with strong opinions of course”  
Apriva rolls her eyes while Brithney sits silently and Ciara doesn’t stop giggling. Seconds have passed and no one seems interested 
“Yappy! There won’t be any ‘Fear files’” Apriva rejoices dancing on her sit weirdly, receiving a disgusting twisted look from Katty. 
Fear files is an Indian realistic horror series and are definitely not the type to watch after this depressing conversation.
“I’ll go ahead and put on some cartoon” Apriva lets out
“That’ll go” Ciara approves  
They love watching cartoons. Yeah, I know so many think it’s childish but cartoons are the best cinemas to watch when sad. It is a common thing with them especially right now. 
To be continued…


Edited: 28.11.2020

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