In Love with your Soul

Meeting with Hope

After a week.

In the night of 11pm, on the highway of Uppal, Hyderabad. Three boys were going back from a party on a Jeep Wrangler. Two of them were laughing and talking with each other loudly on a hushed and quiet road while one of them was sleeping deeply and snoring. All were drunk. It was all quiet on road and suddenly the boy wakes up and asks his friends to stop the Jeep.

“Why Karthik? Something happened to you?” Rudra (the one who was driving) asks to Karthik (the one who asked to stop driving).

“Look at him, he's vibrating” Armaan tells Rudra while laughing.

“Aww, little baby wants to pee” Rudra cracks a joke on Karthik and laughs with Armaan.

“Ya,.. now stop and let me do, otherwise I'll do here!” Karthik speaks.

“Eww,..” Armaan and Rudra react on Karthik's disgusting talk and stopped the Jeep.

Karthik and Rudra both got off the Jeep and Armaan asks to Rudra “You also?”.

“Yeah, after listening to Karthik” Rudra tells him. 

Armaan laughs and he also gets off the Jeep. 

Karthik and Rudra both left from there, and Armaan was standing near the Jeep looking at the sky and breathing the moisture in air but suddenly his gaze stopped at a girl in hijab. He recognized her that he saw her on the bench and then in Atif's wedding anniversary as it was only Arzoo. He was looking at her with desires in his eyes. There Arzoo was standing in middle of the road, looking at Armaan only. She wasn't even moving a single inch. 

Armaan was also not able to move his eyes from Arzoo but suddenly a bat dashed in front of his eyes and he noticed a truck is coming to Arzoo.

“Hey, move from there” Armaan shouts. But Arzoo was not giving any response to him. 

Armaan was trying to aware but she wasn't moving. His heart became like the water falling from the highest waterfall. He was just trying to speak and at last he decides to save her but before he could walk towards her, Arzoo moved back. 

Again Armaan's heart turned quiet like a still water in lake. And he walks towards her after the truck went. 

“Could not you listen? Huh?? I was shouting a lot still you were standing there in middle,!! Don't you know where should you walk? Or you were trying to commit suicide?” Armaan yells at her.

But Arzoo was silent.

“Hey! You,!! Ms hijab! Are you deaf?? Huh?? I understand the depressed people like you, who always decides to commit suicide,.. stupid!!” Armaan again speaks loudly.

Then Arzoo points her finger towards herself as a gesture to ask "Me?" without opening her mouth.

After seeing her calmness and she's using finger, Armaan thinks “Oh no! She's really deaf and maybe dumb too! That's why she's using her finger,.. oh no! But I shouted on her, she's poor,.. I shouldn't shout on her, God please forgive me!”.

And then he moves his head from up to down.

Arzoo smiles and says “You can shout on me, I'm not deaf”.

“Oh God! I thought you're dumb and deaf! Lol,..” Armaan says while laughing.

“No” Arzoo answers him while laughing.

“So Ms hijab, you were really commiting suicide?” Armaan asks her.

Arzoo opens her mouth to answer him but suddenly she listens Rudra and Karthik saying laudly to Armaan from Jeep “Hey bro! What are you doing there? Come, let's go!” and her smile turned in sadness on her lips after listening to them.

Armaan notices her face and answers them loudly “Bro, you both go,.. I want to go with my legs,.. take care”

“Okay, bro you too!” both says and left from there.

Armaan turns towards her and asks “So what were you saying?” 

“Why didn't you go with them?” Arzoo asks.

“Coz I was not capable of leaving you alone” Armaan tells her and starts to walk.

“Why not?” Arzoo asks while following him.

“Don't know why but I think that you're far away from your family” Armaan tells her and stops.

Arzoo looks at him and doesn't give any reply.

“Where do you live, Ms hijab?” Armaan asks her.

“Ah,.. I live in Madhapur, Hyderabad” Arzoo tells him.

“Wow,.. me too! Hifi” Armaan speaks while offering his hand for HiFi, but Arzoo didn't give and just looks at him.

Looking at her, he takes his hand back and says “Ok, ok,.. you don't like”.

“So you'll go back to Madhapur?” Armaan asks while laughing.

“I wish I could” Arzoo tells him.

Listening to her sad tone, he stops laughing and asks “So what about in Uppal?”.

“I don't know anybody in Uppal” Arzoo tells him.

“You can stay with me” Armaan tells her.

But Arzoo didn't give any reply. Armaan thinks that she's not comfortable with that so he says “If you want to,.. I mean, I'm not wrong person to believe,..”.

“Umm,..” Arzoo replies to him.

“So let's go,.. by the way your 'umm' means yes na?” Armaan asks her.

And Arzoo nods.

Both then leaves from there.

On the way to his destination, Arzoo was grinning again and again while looking at him because he was walking like a feather in air. Like how a feather goes with air, without caring about in which direction it's going. 

Arzoo was smiling on his independent and free nature. She was following him everywhere, as he was walking from here to there so she was also following him.

Armaan was telling her many things like

“You know I saw you two times and both times you were sad and depressed”

“You know here I'm studying medical,.. and I also live in Madhapur”

“You know my dad is also a famous Dr, but he lives in America and comes to meet us in every 3 months”

“You know I like blue colour,.. hahaha! What about you?”

For this, Arzoo says “Every colour is my favourite,... Coz every colour gives me happiness”

“Ms hijab, you are not just beautiful outside but your inner thoughts are also beautiful,..” Armaan tells her and Arzoo smiles and there Armaan starts again.

“You know I like to watch the sky and to be wet in rain”

Heena Kundra

Edited: 16.01.2021

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