Chapter 8.

After having a regular day in office,I returned home tired. I rang the bell twice and yelled ,"Priya..." . Then I realized she isn't here,I laughed at my silliness and opened the door with the key. Every thing seemed so silent. I went inside the kitchen and searched something for my roaring stomach. After few seconds of silence, I heard my mind speaking," Why is she bothering you so much? Why you are missing her so much ,that you are staring her photograph, Are you.....?" I yelled ," No it's just nothing, I get habitualize quickly with people around me". But after two minutes, I booked a flight to  Chennai and the next three minutes I arranged a leave for 4 days. Soon I left packing my luggage. I was still thinking that why I was doing it, why am I going to Chennai?. My mind answered in a cringy but sweet tone,"  You are crazy behind her boy!". But the feelings were still blocked by me ,because I don't know will she accept me or not. I still can't  believe a kiss can change me so much. After boarding and having some deep thoughts, I went to sleep. Soon I was in Chennai.  I reached approximately at 1: 30 am, so I decided to directly visit my mom instead of disturbing her. I took a cab and within an hour, I was standing outside our Row house. I missed it a lot though.i slowly went inside from the window. I found completely dark room so i slowly moved towards my parents room. I went inside and saw her sleeping so calm fully, I didn't wanted to disturb her but couldn't resist from my old habits of teasing her. So ringed her phone , she turned it off and slept again. I deed it again,this time she woke up in great haste,wondering whose on the line. I said joyfully," Good morning maa". She got angry and slapped me and said," Is this the time to come, is the way I thought you to haunt others?". I chuckled and said," That's why I love you  mom". She immediately,  aasked," Where's my daughter?". I lied her that she's in Mumbai and I am here for work. She hugged me and dropped me in my room.

"yaadein woh nahi jo akele main aaye;

Yaadein woh hai jo mehfiloan main aayein aur tanha kar jaaye"

Seriously, I realised that how bored I was without her, I couldn't wait to see her,but I had to control myself. I read the above poetry few years ago somewhere, I didn't realize the true meaning.  Today I understood that memories aren't those which comes when you are recluse,they are the ones who makes you recluse in a crowd of thousands.






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Edited: 09.11.2019

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