Living Underwater


In a small bus, there was this teenage girl sitting on a seat which was next to the window, on the right hand side column which was a single seat. She sat there with sleepy eyes as she was very much tired of sitting in this bus for almost about 24 hours and the only thing she could do in there was to sleep in peace but that also she had done many times and now she is tired of sleeping too. The station arrived after a few minutes and the young teenager grew exited to see her parents. She stood up from her seat raised her hands and after a little bit of effort she successfully pulled her backpack from above. She then hung the treking bag on her shoulders and as the other people made their way out of the bus she also made her way out. When she reached at the door she looked here and there for a while after which she heard a familiar voice which she was yearning for hours to hear.

The voice was of her mother which was as sweet as always. She looked in the direction of the voice and spotted a woman in her mid 30's, with long black hair tied into a neat plait and with big brown eyes. She couldn't hold the smile that came on her face when she saw her mother who was calling her. She stepped down the stairs and went directly near her mother while struggling a bit between the crowd she was in. She hugged the lady very tightly while squeezing out the little life out of her.

" Maa, I am very very happy to see you. I missed you a lot. By the way where are others, I mean didn't they told me that they would come and pick me up? I really want to see them. Though I went to the hostel for a year it feels to me as if I've been away for 10 years."

" Sweetie, you know I also missed you a lot. Unfortunately your father had an important meeting and your brother had an exam to attend so they didn't showed up, as for granny and the others they went out for a picnic to a garden nearby. They told us to catch up with them later. So now are you ready?" Said her mom.

" Maa,let us go now. Let us not waste our time here." Said Leela almost with a happy face.

Leela then followed her mother who took her where she had parked her car. She then opened the lock and then went inside followed by Leela. The ride to home was quite, both of them didn't even exchanged a word or a two. The atmosphere was getting a little bit awkward so the young teenager decided to break the silence by speaking something silly but poor girl didn't got the chance to do so because by that time they arrived at their house. Leela's mum got of of the car after Leela got out and she ordered the driver to park the car. While both of them wended towards the house.

The house was grand and it gave a feeling to Leela that she was the princess and was soon going to enter her royal palace. Her mom put her hand on Leela's shoulder which made Leela turn her head towards her maa. Leela sighed a bit and then looked down at her shoes.

Her mother gently put her hand under her chin and gave a little pressure upwards which made Leela to look up to her mom who was looking a bit confused by seeing Leela's emotionless face.

She was going to ask her pearl about the sudden change of her behaviour but didn't got the chance as the door suddenly opened and there stood an old woman wearing a maid uniform. She greeted both of them and they both motioned towards the grand door that stood in front of them. As they proceeded in Leela was shocked, which made her ask her mom.

" Maa? What is this? I don't remember seeing anything like this. Each and everything in this house looks different. Did you people renovated the house? If so, then why? " Before she could speak any further her mother cut her off,
" Why? Don't you like this? It looks much better than before." Said her mom with a little bit of disappointment in her eyes.

" No maa. This one looks perfect but the thing is that I had many memories in that house. It's just that this atmosphere feels new. And now I feel like I would definitely get lost in this huge mansion. So won't you make me aware of the new detailing and awesome interior of this brand new mansion? " The teenager asked with a mischievous smile on her face.

" Well, I'll make you aware about each and every detailing of this house later, but for now we are supposed to go to the nearby garden. You forget things easily darling. Now, now freshen yourself up and then we're ready to go." Her mom said with a sweet smile on her face which always seemed contagious to Leela. She also wore the same sweet smile that her mother had on her face.

Leela was proceeding towards the stairs when she suddenly stopped in her tracks. She turned back and searched for her mom and after finally spotting her she said out loud," maa, but where is my room? Where is it? Up or down? "

" Oh! Honey, your room is upstairs and it is to the right where you have to take a left turn and then you will be able to see your room." Said her mom.

Leela reached her room and opened the door. The room was amazing it's interior, the bed each and everything was elegant. She was surprised by the new room she got, it was nothing like the previous one except for the photos hanging on the walls of the luxurious room. Her luggage was already placed in the room by the servants. She went near her bag, opened the chain slowly and then started to remove her clothes out of it and placed it on the bed. She proceeded towards the closet and started arranging her clothes, after 15 minutes she went into the bathroom to have a shower and freshen herself a bit from the fatigue that had taken over her.


Flora Luxar

Edited: 13.07.2020

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