Mergers & Acquisitions

Chapter 14

                She was relieved that the next day after her closure with Tyler was a weekend. She planned to spend the day locked up in her room all day but when she saw Celine’s number calling her, she knew that her plan would be ruined.

“Why are you calling me during my precious weekend?” she asked as soon as she accepted the call.

“My appointment was rescheduled so I was planning to hang out with you and Tim. I already called him and he asked me to remind you.” She felt envious with Celine’s enthusiastic voice. She wished she could be as cheerful as she is.

“Can I pass this time? I needed a break from everything,” she said lazily. She smiled bitterly when she remembered what happened between Tyler and her.

“No way! Don’t you dare curl up in your bed, young lady! Make sure to get prepared because I’ll be picking you up by one!”

She grunted when Celine ended the call without giving her chance to decline. She checked her wall clock and rolled her eyes when she realized that it was already eleven. She stood up and decided to get ready. She thought that it was better to keep herself occupied rather than be holed up in her room alone.

“Time to get moving, Reese,” she whispered to herself before she entered her walk-in closet.


                “You’re late!” Celine complained the moment she sat in the shotgun seat. Celine was driving her own Porsche Panamera which looked cool with its shining red color.

“I’m sorry, I was spoiling myself on being lazy today but you called to ruin my plan so I had to force myself and hang out with you,” she complained as she was fastening her seatbelt.

“Tim told me that we will go somewhere exciting today!” The excitement in Celine’s voice was so evident, it drew a smile on her face.

“And where would that be?” she asked with one brow raised.

“Amusement park!” Celine squealed like a kid.

“Sounds fun.” She nodded and smiled.

“It’s sure going to be fun!” Celine confirmed with the excited grin still plastered on her face.

Celine continued to talk about the rides they would try and the snacks she’d taste. She felt like her friend reverted back to being a child as she listened to her blabbering.

They stopped at the entrance and there they saw Tim talking with Luke while waiting for them. She suddenly felt awkward for walking out yesterday even though that scene felt like long ago for her.

“You can go ahead and meet them. I’ll just park my baby at the back.”

She nodded her head and stepped out of the car. She waved her hand when Tim met her eyes and smiled at her. She immediately walked towards the guys and she was surprised to see Luke threw a smile at her.

“Did you guys wait long?” she asked with a smile.

“Not really. By the way, you look good in jeans,” Tim said while wiggling his brows.

“Thanks. I rarely wear one since I need to always look formal.” She laughed.

“I’ll go get the tickets. Wait for me here,” Tim said.

She opened her pouch but Tim stopped her immediately with a glare.

“It’s my treat,” he added.

“Are you sure?”

Tim nodded and went on his way to the ticket booth which left her in an awkward silence with Luke. She didn’t know how to act around him anymore.

“Therese…” Luke called her so she lifted her head and gave him a questioning look. “I’m sorry about my past behaviors. I realized that I’m just an insecure jerk who know nothing about the real you so if you’ll allow me, I want to be your friend and know you more.”

She smiled with relief. She thought it was going to be awkward with Luke forever. “You don’t need to ask for permission because you were already a friend to me since the moment I approached you.”

“Even though I made you cry?” Luke looked adorable with his eyes looking so unsure.

“You made me cry because I treated you as a friend.” She laughed subtly.

“Thank you.”

“Where’s Tim?” Celine butted in as soon as she was near them.

“He took the tickets for us,” Luke replied as he put his hands in his pockets which made him look cool.

“I’m so excited!” Celine exclaimed as she cling on her.

“Here are the tickets guys. We’re going to have fun today,” Tim said with a grin on his face as he distributed the passes to them.

“Reese, I know that you are pretty famous but I’m still not used to having eyes focused on us. Since when did you become popular among the middle class?” Celine complained with a pout.

She looked around and realized that the people around them are taking turns in staring and some are sneakily taking pictures.

“I’m not famous,” she said in confusion.

Luke chuckled which caught their attention. “They aren’t interested with rich girls like you guys. They are interested with our guy here,” he said as he patted Tim’s shoulder. “He is an online novelist who is famous for his mystery novels and princely look.”


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