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Second Chance

Warning: long chapter ahead. Enjoy🤪

Man can betray,
We can go astray...
Mistakes are what makes us human,
But forgiveness is what changes the plan.

Precious POV

I woke up to the sound of the door banging. Groaning, I put my pillow over my head. Where are Funke and Arewa when you need them. The banging continues and my sleep is cut short. Standing from my bed grumpily, I walk to the door and yank it open ready to shout at the person. My words are stuck in my throat as I see my parents looking angry. I gulp and open the door wider for them to enter.

"We've been knocking since, what were you doing" my mum's words are sharp

"Sorry ma, I was still sleeping. I thought those two children would open it." I said in a sorry tone. I was now angry at Funke and Arewa.

My parents enter the house with one suitcase I'm sure has both their clothes. I didn't know how many days they would stay for but I'm leaving tomorrow.

"Isn't your convocation ceremony by 10am, it's already 7:30am. Do you know how long it will take for all of you to get ready and get to your school" my mum said. Shit, I haven't done anything.

I rush into Funke's room which is still dark because she closed her curtains and switched of the lights. Knowing she's a light sleeper, I sneak quietly to the edge of her bed and jumped right on top of her earning a scared shout.

"Jesus" she shouted and I busted out laughing. She noticed me and her scared face turned angry. She knelt down on her bed and tackled me until I fell of the bed

"Oooww, Funke na" I squeaked out but it came out as a whine. I rubbed the side of my butt and stood up from the floor.

"Couldn't you have just woken me up normally" she complained

"Where's the fun in that. Mummy and daddy are here oo and it's almost 8am." I gushed out and left the room.

Next I went into Arewa's room to see him faced down lieing on his stomach. I walked carefully to his side of the bed and stood right on top of him. Making his words muffled, at least he's awake.

"Arewa, it's almost 8 and convocation starts by 10. You better stand up." I say while walking on his back until he moved to a side making me fall head first onto the bed. I gave out a cry

"Why did you jump on my back" he said while helping me up.

"I wanted to wake you up. Mummy and daddy are here" I replied and walked to the door.

I walked out with Arewa behind me, and entered the kitchen to get the brooms. I gave one broom each to Funke and Arewa who were in the sitting room greeting my parents. They grumbled but collected it.

"I'll sweep the sitting room and dining, Arewa will sweep three rooms while Funke will sweep a room and clean the kitchen." I gave out the instructions and we got to work.

After our chores,we brushed our teeths and ate bread and eggs as breakfast and went to take our baths. I showered thoroughly and stepped out holding my towel to my body. I picked out my sky blue, crossed off shoulder, short flair gown. I wore my undergarments, then I put on the gown. It reached directly on my knee, then I put on a little brown powder and my red cherry lipstick, then I put my hair that I made on Wednesday into a center parting bun.

I wore my long pearl earrings and finished up with my silver heels. I put my phone, debit card and some money inside my silver purse, and left the room. I walked to the sitting room to see my friends and parents all dressed up. Funke was putting on a deep red of shoulder gown with a pair of black heels and her red stud earrings, she put her hair down so it cascaded over her shoulders. Arewa is wearing a a royal blue tux with white shirt and a royal blue tie while my parents wore matching white laces.

"Arewa, is Anna coming?" I ask him

"Yh she is. She'll also be staying for the after party." He replied and I nodded.

We all walked into Arewa's car since my parents would follow us from behind. We parked after 30minutes of driving infront of the ceremonial hall. Which gives us 20minutes to enter the hall and get settled.

We entered the hall and I gasped in awe. My school has gone all out, with the decorations. The hall was divided into 10 sections since it was a 4000 seating capacity. Parents sat in 4th sections while students of each departments sat in the remaining 6 sections. My parents separated from us and my friends and I sat in the 3rd section from the left along with my departmental mates.

We started the ceremony with a welcoming speech from the Vice chancellor and some other boring speeches.

Finally after 3 torturous hours of speech and presentations from lecturers, best graduating students, and some fun parts, the ceremony was concluded. We had already gotten out certificates from our departmental heads so there was no need to present them on stage. I got up quickly, to rub my butt subtly. I rushed outside with the rest of the departments to take pictures with our parents and friends. I took more than I could count pictures with my parents and mates.

"Ife, your mum and I are leaving. We want to see Grandpa before we go to Lagos. Arewa will bring you guys home tomorrow right?" My dad asked from behind me and I nodded

"We are very proud of you Ife, enjoy yourself but be careful" my mum spoke with so much pride. I hugged them both and they left, suddenly I felt sad. I wish Ethan was here, to share this moment with me. I missed him, no doubt. I just wanted him here so I could hug the life out of him.

I walked over to my department despite my foul mood, as we continued to roam around the field taking pictures and catching up.

"We'll meet at Mayfair for the get together by 4pm." Our ex head of class told us and we all agreed.

"Ife" great, now I'm hearing Ethan's voice in my head. I wanted to see him


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