My Mister Billionaire, is it you?


This is what I hate during hard times. When there is no one left to even tap your shoulder. And what am I doing in this empty fancy room? I know I passed out, but why am I lying here?  Inside of an unfamiliar room. The scent is also unfamiliar, everything was new. Am I being kidnapped or what? Maybe, I'm still dreaming. Our house is way too small and the roof is not this high. That is exactly how I remember it. Unless, we won a lottery and we're now this rich? That couldn't be the reason. I'm overthinking.

"You're already awake?" A deep voice was heard throughout the room. Was that voice real?

I wandered the whole room to find nothing, but just me. I did check the door and it's locked. And that was the time I knew someone kidnapped me. Should I shout? Ask for help? I don't know what to do, because it's my first time being kidnapped.

Just kidding. I'm panicking right now.

I am sure that I heard a deep voice right here and right now. It is so deep that I might bury myself there when I die. But what if I'm already dead? What am I gonna do? Everything feels unreal.

"Are you done? Can I speak now?" I froze when I once again heard that deep voice. I think I should go to sleep again. It might be hallucinations. But, I think it's not. "Stop walking there, then coming back to walk there and there and there."

"And why should I follow you?" I mumbled. I only mumbled, so that he can not hear me. I'm scared I might pissed him off, then he'll hurt me. Yes, I think too far, but it can happen anytime.

"You should follow my instructions, because you are my future wife, Miss."

This is what I hate during hard times.When there is no one left to even tap your shoulder.



Lady Tesoro

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