On The Ledge

I'm Not Gay

MONDAY 15:35

One of the first things he did when he got home was check Facebook. The page that posted the picture was created a day ago. So, whoever created Taylor Wilson which was the name of the profile, created it solely for the reason of Brad's exposure. As Sam investigated further on, he saw that this so called Taylor went to the same school as he did but kept the gender and date of birth invisible to others. He went back to the photo Taylor posted and started reading the comments beneath it when suddenly someone bursted into his room.

" Sam! Tell Haley to leave me alone!" Tom ran up to him. Sam, annoyed, closed his laptop.

" Tom!" Haley entered the room. As soon as she saw Tom hiding behind Sam she grabbed him by the ear to drag him away but Sam interfered.

" Hey! Hey! Don't do that.." Sam pulled her arm away.  Haley gave him a warning look.

" Step away, Sam. You don't know what he did to me so just leave me deal with him." she warned him.

" Whatever he did, it doesn't mean you have to pull him by the ear as if that's gonna solve anything.."

" He took my red lipstick and drew on my prom dress... He destroyed my bloody dress!" Haley shouted.

" Tommy, is that true?" Sam turned to his three year old brother.

" No!" Tom sulked. Haley grunted in agony.

" I'm gonna tell dad." she said.

" No... Don't tell daddy." Tom begged. Haley crossed her arms.

" Okay! I did it." Tom said after a while. " But please don't tell daddy.."

" It's okay, we won't." Sam reassured him. Haley threw him a weird look.

" From now on you don't enter my room unless I give you permission to. And you do everything as I say otherwise dad will know what you did, okay?"

Tom looked down.

" Tom!" Haley shouted to get his attention. " Okay?!"

" Okay.." he replied.

" Okay, now get out of my room. Both of you." Sam sat down behind his laptop.  He heard the door shut behind Tom but Haley decided to stay. Sam turned to her.

" I said both of you, Haley..." he raised her brows at her. " I've got homework to do..."

" On Facebook?" Haley nodded toward the laptop and sat down on Sam's bed.

" I'm just checking it.." Sam redirected his attention to the photo. He then remembered that Haley probably didn't know about it.

" Hey, did you know Bradley was gay?" he asked.

" I saw the picture." Haley said. " I think the whole school knows about it by now."

" And what did you think of it?" he asked while scrolling through the comments.

" I like your necklace?  When he said that to me, I sort of had a feeling he might be gay but wasn't sure cuz he could be straight and just very attentive as a guy. But honestly, I wasn't surprised by the pic."

" Admit you had the hots for him though..." Sam chuckled.

" What?!" Haley exclaimed. " I didn't have the hots for him!"

" Ooh, he's the most beautiful guy I've ever seen! " Sam put on a squeaky girly voice. Haley threw a pillow at his face.

" I do not talk like that!" she laughed. " Okay, I admit he managed to charm me with his beauty but I knew you were into him so I knew he would be taken."

Sam stared at her for a while. Haley frowned at him.

" What?" she asked.

" You knew I was into him?" Sam asked her, completely taken aback by what she just said.

" Pff.. I knew a long time ago. The way you looked at him in the cafeteria, the fact that you seemed to be slightly obsessed with him..."

" Wait, what?"

" You spent the whole afternoon stalking his Facebook and Instagram account last week."  Haley gazed at him.

" What? How do you know all that?" Sam raised his voice.

" Remember two days ago when you let me do homework on your laptop cuz my computer broke down?" Haley asked.

" Yeah?" Sam said but then quickly remembered. " Oh, no! You checked my history?"

" Well, uh, I, uh, technically.." Haley stuttered.

" You stalked my history?!" Sam shouted at her.

" No, I just accidentally stumbled upon it.." Haley started to say.

" How do you accidentally stumble.. Haley, do you think I'm stupid?"

Haley remained silent. Sam shook his head at her.

" I just opened the History window accidentally and then I saw it. It just happened. I'm sorry if that offends you.."

" If that offends me? Haley, that's private."

" Yeah, well, I'm not judging you because of that you know.."  she tried to calm him down. " Even if you're gay, that's okay with me.."

" Just because I checked someone's profile that means I'm gay all of a sudden?" Sam asked, astonished.

" No..." Haley looked down. " So, you're not gay?"

" I have a girlfriend, Haley!"

" Well, she could serve as a cover?" Haley asked.

" Get out of my room." Sam turned back to his laptop.

" Okay, okay, no need to get angry." Haley walked toward the door but stopped midway and turned to ask: " So, that other guy on the pic... That wasn't you?"


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