On The Ledge


FRIDAY 16:32

Sam and Haley were sitting on the sofa watching a TV show. Technically, Sam was the only one watching, Haley was doing her  homework.

" Hey, when's your match again?" Haley asked.                              

" Next Friday. Why?"                                                                                                                             
" Ah, no I was just wondering whether I'll be able to make it." Haley said then proceeded writing.

" What's more important than my match?" Sam asked sarcastically.
" Our drama club has a rehearsal for a show that will be next month."
" Really? I didn't know you could act." Sam answered dumbfounded. Haley raised her brows at him and accorded him a fake laugh.
" Well, now you know..."                   
" I don't mind if you don't come. It's just a small match."               
" I'll be crossing my fingers though." Haley smirked at him.
" You do that."

" So, who do you play?"       
" A girl called Amelia. She's high society, her parents want to marry her off to some rich dude but she falls in love with a poor guy."

" Ah, classic!" Sam exclaimed. "It's not like we don't have enough of those around nowadays..."
" Yeah, but this one's different. I don't know, there's just something about the way it ends that makes my heart melt every time I read the script." she explained.
" And how does it end?"
" I won't tell you that! You'll have to wait and see it for yourself."
" Who plays her love interest?"
" Taron."
" Wait, what? You mean the Taron? Like Sophia's brother Taron?"
" Yeah..." Haley looked at him in a funny way.
" Do you get to kiss?"
" Well, we kinda have to..."
" I feel sorry for you."
" Why?"
" Have you seen his face? The guy makes Shrek look normal."
" Stop it!" Haley laughed. " No need to be mean about it."

" Actually, I know Taron pretty well. We went to the movies two weeks ago." Haley pointed out. Sam opened his mouth in shock.

" Yeah..." she nodded. " Remember when you said you were going to Sophia's to hang out?"
Sam nodded.
" Well, since you didn't want to go to the movies with me I had to invite someone else. Taron and I got close during rehearsals so I thought why not."
" Wow." was all Sam could say to that. Then he remembered something else.
" Hey, in the cafeteria that same day you told me to be safe when I said I was going to Sophia's.." he recalled. " Did you know we were gonna have sex?"
" I supposed so.." Haley shrugged. " What? Was I wrong?"
Sam shook his head no. Haley smiled triumphantly.
" See, my gut feeling is always right. "
Sam remained silent.
" So, how did it go?"
" Haley! That's an inappropriate question to ask."
" Okay, I'll back off then." she said and redirected her attention to the book.
" She said she loved me."
" Aww. " Haley gushed. "And what did you say back?" she asked with a hopeful expression on her face.
" I said... Thanks." Sam replied, staring at his feet.
" Thanks?!" Haley scoffed. "Seriously? And how did she react?"
" She said You're welcome."
Haley bursted out laughing. Sam threw her a warning glance. But Haley just couldn't stop laughing. Once she calmed down she patted him on the shoulder.

" You're such a gentleman, Sam. Well played! Well played."                                                                           


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