The Boy of Dane

The Path of Shadow Forest

“Quickly Bryan, you must run as fast as you can to the town centre. Explain everything to John, tell him your father is missing and ask for his help.” Elry’s words echoed throughout the manor as she ran out to the northern wall hub. Bryan did as Elry told him and ran as quickly as he could to catch up with John.

               “Sir John! Sir John...” Bryan shouted at the white steed he saw in the market. He then ran towards the horse and jerked at the cloak hanging on the side. But to his surprise, it was not the Chief on the back of this horse, but old mister Filligas,

              “HEY! Wha ar ya doin boy? Ar ya seriously tryin ta steal me horse while I’m o’top o him?”

              Bryan did not expect to hear such an awful accent and turned completely pale from shock. With wide eyes and no sign of a smile on his face, he replied most respectfully, “Oh heavens no sir, I have mistaken you for someone else. Please excuse me.” Bryan then turned sharply behind him and saw the chief staring at him through the upper windows of the town hall. The boy then ran to the front door and gave three loud knocks. After waiting a couple of seconds he still did not hear an answer. Just as he scurried for the second round of knocks, the front door opens and Bryan hits the man in the stomach with a clinched fist. “Oh dear, what have I done? I am so sorry sir.” Bryan did not dare to look the man in the eyes and just stared straight at the feet of the doorman.

“Do not worry, I had it coming.” A familiar voice said jokingly. When Bryan took a chance and glared slowly upwards, he saw not the man he expected to.

“Father what are you doing here? I thought you were at the forest. Mother said…”

“Yes, Mother told you I went to the forest and that you should find Chief John, this has all been a set up. Bryan, there are desperate ears everywhere and we needed a safe place to talk to you.” George said while he took Bryan around the neck and brought him inside the town hall.

“I have been getting suspicious for some time now, what is with all this secrecy father?” Bryan asked confused.

“Well my dear boy, whatever is said here today must stay between these four walls. Do you understand that?” George again added

            “Yes, I do, I will tell no-one.”

“Good.” He stated and continued, “Now Bryan, this might be a bit strange to hear but there is a secret we have been keeping from you for a long time now.” Bryan’s eyes grew with an eager to find out more. And so it would seem that Bryan did not need to search for the truth any longer, the truth just found him.

“I wanted to tell you sooner but the timing never really was right, you must try to understand what our reasons were for keeping this from you.” George tried to extend his story as long as he possibly could because he knew a secret like this would not go easy on the heart of a younger one.

           “Bryan do you remember yesterday when I said something of you being as great as your father?”

           “Yes, how could I not?” he said, getting a bit annoyed with George not getting to his point.

            “Well the thing is…” The man struggled to find his words.

“The thing is that you were adopted by George and Elry just a couple of days after you were born.” An older scruffy voice chipped in to help his friend.

             George gave a disappointed glare to the floor beneath Bryan. But silence overtook the air in the heart of Bachdin. Bryan could scarcely manage to make a sound, never mind speak.

             Finally after a long pause of absolute quiet, “So who are my real parents then?” Bryan asked softy.

“You are… well you see… you are actually destined from the previous king and queen of Alder” Bryan’s shocked expression grew even more.

           “I know this must be hard for you to hear but if you tell anyone of this, and the news should spread to King Henry at Alder, he will burn Bachdin to the ground.” George warned the boy.

            “Yes-yes, I will tell no-one” he said again, “What will happen now father?” Bryan felt his tummy turning. How could he be descendent from a royal bloodline and the bloodline of Dane no less?

             “Nothing out of the ordinary.” John chipped in again. “You will remain at George and Elry’s house but you will be shown a whole new world Bryan, a world that has been waiting long for this day. For twelve years now we have prepared for this day. This is the day that the rightful king of Alder makes his return journey.”

             This was all too much for Bryan to handle at once. Slowly he turned pale in the face and swallowed deep, “Are you sure it is me? I mean it could be anybody.”

Corné Craig

#100 in Action & Adventures
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Story about: fantasy, drama, medieval

Edited: 03.07.2019

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