the chosen ones

the chosen ones

Empathy what a beautiful way to show another soul that there is love in the world , kind people love to love , they love to care  . there is still love somehow in the coldness of this world . even if its little ..many people love charity work , they love to show their love and support others .

people usually feel Empathy and Mercy towards orphans  coz they 

couldnt have the love and care from their parents . they lost 

the love of the mother and they care and safety of their dad 

Orphans usually get the attention from the people who love to

do charity work , Orphans are always number one in their list then its  , down syndrome kids

special needs , kids who were born sick , ill kids , homless kids etc

 all these kids deserve care and love . of course everyone should look after them but people never notice something 

 some kids need the same love but they cant have because nobody notice their pain 

they are the forgotten orphans ,, the hidden sad little ones , the ones you could never imagine they are suffering

nobody care or pay attention to those who have parents

but living like orphans . at least orphans know that perhaps if

their parents were alive maybe they would have loved and cared about

them , but those who have parents but they dont get the love from them

they feel painful feeling . coz they have parents . they are alive

but they feel the need of love , they crave love just like the orphans

but they are unnoticed and nobody really think of them coz they have

their parents ..

sandra grew up in a big house with her parents . a rich dad a beautiful Mom , a little brother

a cute dog . a perfect life in anyone's eyes . but she was sad . something was missing in her heart 

her mom was very lovely lady but she was always sick . sandra's  dad

was a doctor , she loved her mom so much coz she was caring and she used

to take sandra to the flower fields and play with her there , her brother

used to be daddy's boy . her dad loved him so much and prefered him always

many people would say perhaps she is imagining or her dad is just a man

who likes his son coz he is a boy however sandra was always the clever

one and the polite one but her dad just preferd her brother and thats

something she couldnt understand . her mom loved her so much but she

loved her brother too equally . sandra never hated her brother but they werent close eaither

he was very spoiled by their dad , he wasnt as soft as sandra . their mom tried a lot to 

help them to be close but the actions of their dad  made the distance between them always far 

 sandra used to ignore her dad's huge

love for her brother but she couldnt ignore the lack of love she gets from him

not just that but he used somehow to do everything she dislikes .

she loved her dog so much . her dog was her only friend . she used to play with him 

take him for walks till 

oneday in her 11 's birthday she found her dad sat the dog free and took

him to so far away place from their house . sandra didnt understand why her dad did that and 

in her birthday she lost her dog . many people would think

its something silly but it meant a lot to her

years later Sandra

finished high school and wanted to join faculty of Arts and draw 

but her dad forced her to join faculty of medcine to study it and be a doctor like him 

sandra was smart and clever but she couldnt pass this faculty

studying somehing she dislikes was hard and her dad used to look down at her

for failing exams meanwhile her brother used to spend his times in bars

and night clubs but her dad said nothing . the only one who kept sandra 

smiling is her mom . she was so supportive and so kind till oneday

she had a very bigh fight with sandra's dad and she slept crying 

next day they found she is dead . she passed  away 

that day sandra's life changed

completly . she always disliked the fact he is her dad but since that day

she thought of him as her mom's killer .. he never felt her pain 

they lived in the same house but like strangers . yes she treated him

politly but they shared no love . in her heart she was his prisoner

and the only thing that kept her away from killing herself is knowing

her mom would be sad if she took away her  life 

sandra used to visit her mom's grave every day and talk . she used to

tell everything . she felt so lonely and it was the only way to feel

connected to her mom ..her dad passed her mom's death fastly and started seeing new women

, sandra's brother was very sad and couldnt handle staying in the city so he moved to another city

and coz he was dad's boy . his dad was bothered at first then he sat him free and allowed him to do

what he likes however he disliked that his son is away from him . 

sandra and her dad almost never talked . they just lived together as strangers

telling each other good morning and good night only and eating on the same table

without saying a word . till oneday her dad called her and told her

he wants her to marry his friend's son he thinks he is a good guy wit bright future

and a very well family with enough money for them to live good that day sandra broke her silence in many ways . she didnt just say No but she said everything was in her chest  and just said im not gonna be 


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