The Debt of kiss Lasts forever

Chapter 4


"Why..why do you come here?" She was muttering with unpleasantness as her heart had started beating faster, she didn't know why, but when she saw him last night that idea came to her mind, there were many single men around her table who were sitting alone then why did she kiss him? She didn't know what was in her heart and brain at that time that she rushed towards him and kissed him.


And this man, he really chased her in her office.

Although he was wearing a very casual dress , simple shirt and black trouser but his aura was not less than any rich person and he was looking very mature as a perfect businessman.


" I came here to pay you back" he threw these words coldly.

His gaze was so cold that Liza felt a chill all over her body.


" What did I do to you that you chased me here?" She asked


" You are asking me.. Don't you know what have you done yesterday?" He asked.


How can she forget what had she done last night but this he really insane?..why is he torturing her for kissing him. Is he a gay or he has any problem with girls so that he is that angry just because of one kiss?.. He should feel lucky that she gave her first kiss to him and this man..

" If you don't know then I should remind you" 


After saying this he stood up from his seat, and started to walk towards her. After seeing this , she also stood up, and was taking steps backward but he didn't stop , he was walking towards her with cold face, and she was taking her steps backward and backward until her back hit the wall.

She was panicking now, wanted to dig a hole in the wall and run away from that room . He was very closed now, she thought to run away and was trying to move away but he was more quicker than her, he blocked her way very fast, she had no other way to escape, she then see straightforwardly in his eyes and said 


" What do you want?" 

" I want you" 

he said calmy.


" You..." 


She was angry and wanted to shout at him, but her lips were now blocked by his lips. She didn't expect that kiss , her eyes were widly opened now, she was struggling and also trying to push him away but he was holding her with great strength, not letting her go. This kiss was more intense and longer then their first kiss so that she was struggling to breathe now, after a long passionate kiss he let go of her.


" You.. how dare you.." 

She was furious now , wanted to hit him but his eyes were looking more colder then her mood.


" Go away.. I am firing you.. we don't need you...Go otherwise I will shout that you are harassing me" 

She shouted at him.


But he was looking very calm now. He sat down on his seat and then passed his phone to her.

" Watch it" 

He said playfully.


Liza didn't understand what did he want, took his phone and frowned.

It was a video of her desperately kissing him. 


But who took this video at time?


Then she remembered that there was another man with him, So he might took this video at that time.


" You can shout now, and can tell every one that I am harassing you, but after watching this video No one will believe you, they will think that you were desperately kissing me, and What will happen to your reputation ?" 

He teased her.


Liza was now anxious , she asked


" Why are you blackmailing me, look I kissed you, you kissed me, its equal , the matter should be closed now..delete this video" 

She tried to please him but he was in no mood to settle up this matter.


" How can this matter be closed so easily.. yesterday my gf watched you kissing me and she broke up with me because of you, you think I will leave you so easily?" He said coldly.


" What... I...I didn't know that.. I am very sorry for that. If you want I can explain things to your gf " 

She said apologitically.


" Hahh.. she blocked me from everywhere." He said anxiously.


" Then I can talk to your gf personally" She said.


" She ran away to abroad early in the morning without telling me her whereabouts. Don't say that you will come with me to the world tour to find her" 

He said coldly.


She was speechless now.


" Then what can I do for you?"  

She asked hesitently.

" Nothing.. I just wanna this job"

  He said.


She was feeling guilty for him now, because of her he lost her gf but what can she do now.


" I lost my job also because she was the daughter of my boss " he added.

Liza raised her eyebrows now " You are feeling sad for loosing your gf or your job?"

"For both.. " he said.


 ' This man is so strange..At beginning he was so cold. His gaze was as if he would eat me but now he is looking very calm. Well What do I have to do with him?'

She thaught and then hand over him his job, then he left.


After working, she came out of his cabin at lunch time, and walking towards cafeteria, she heared that someone is calling her, she turned back and saw that a new intern was calling her.


" Miss Liza, we new comers are going for luch at near by restaurant, it would be so pleasant if you join us"

 he was inviting her for lunch. Liza didn't want to break his heart by rejecting him thus, she said

" Ok then it will be my treat" She said happily.

" Ohh great" 

He nodded then they together went to nearby restaurant. 


She and her four subordinates were sitting on a table and one of them picked the menu card and gave it to her..


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