The Gangleader's Gem


I felt his hot breath against my neck, it gave me chills the good kind, just like before.

I closed my eyes for a minute enjoying the warmth then, abruptly jumped away.

I whipped my head around ready to attack him verbally when a lump formed in my throat.

He was absolutely stunning.

His dirty blond hair was short with a messy and sexy look. His face was absolutely breathtaking, sapphire eyes and thin delectable lips. Dressed in a black hoodie, khaki shorts and black shoes, he was a sight to behold.

He made this casual look, look so, classy and sexy. He was good mixed with a little danger. The intoxicating and addictive kind of drug, you couldn't do without.

His hands were in his pockets, he was looking at me with a smirk. My heart did a back flip, that smirk always got m-

"May I volunteer?" he asked snapping me out of that little trance. "Or are you going to keep looking at me like a piece of meat?"

My cheeks heated up, while he smirked. Damn him!

"Sure," I replied looking to see all the kids staring at us.

He flashed me a smile and I shook my head, composing myself before getting ready to fight him.

The kids cleared the mat and watching us like hawks. Vanni pulled off his hoodie, revealing a white V neck shirt. He threw the hoodie behind him, took off this shoes and stepped on the mat.

Vanni looked at me, amused and signalled for me to attack. Not disappointing him I pushed forward with a front kick which he side stepped.

I brought my body forward touching my toes, missing his hand as it swung over my head. I brought my right leg up hitting his head, he staggered back a bit disorientated.

I backflip, landing upright and looked him. He shakes his head with a grin.

Vanni shook his head and smirked. "You have improved DD but, I'm still better."

Vanni ran forward, swinging his fists at me. I dodged them and aimed for his stomach. He caught my hand and pulled me forward. I bent my torso, bringing my left leg up and hit his head, hard.

He released my hand and I hit him in his gut.

How dare he call me that after he left me for four years without a call, postcard or even a damn pigeon bearing a message!

Vanni smiled and I narrowed my eyes at him.

He wasn't fighting me to his full strength and skill. He was going easy on me. 

Why that little- he was just playing with me!

"Hey, Ferrez! I want a real fight not your damn games!" I shouted in anger.

He looked at me, reading my eyes before nodding. "If that is what you want."

"It is!"

Without hesitation he came towards me. I blocked his first punch only for him to kick my leg. I blocked him swinging a punch at him which he dodged. He then swung his fists at me causing me to block and I am taken off guard as his foot crashed into my side.

I was flung down, my head hitting the mat. I grabbed my waist and groaned as pain hit me. He gave me one hit and I was down.

That's why he was holding back. Hell!

I struggled to get up and upon noticing that he walked over to me.

I held up my hand, stopping him. "No, I'll pick myself up."

I got up with much effort and pain. I looked over at my class all staring at Vanni like he was some God and I dismissed them.

They all took up their things without questions and left saying goodbye.

"DD you should really get some ice on that," Vanni said from behind me, causing me to bristle like an irritated cat. "I'm really sorry about tha-"

"I'm okay and it's practice, someone is bound to get hurt."

"DD really I'm-"

I glared at him. "Don't call me that and try to stay out of my way. I don't want your apology and I don't want to see you until your father sends for us!"

He looked taken back but nodded nonetheless. Picking up his stuff, he left but not without looking back at me.

Him of all people knew not to argue with me when, I was angry.

I would always end up getting my way through physical or verbal abuse. Or throwing a tantrum, it always worked.

I walked over to a log that we used as a bench and searched through the igloo with refreshments. I pulled out an ice and placed it on my swelling side. I groaned in pain.

He was holding out on me, all he needed was one hit to get me down. Was I that weak? Or was he that strong?

I still remembered how he called me DD, it was as soft as velvet and as sweet as honey.

A smile crept on my face as I remembered that silly day we made that name up.

"I want to give you a name," I said as Vanni and I played cards in my room, on the floor.

"I already have a name," he said looking at me confused.

"I know silly, I want to give you a name I and only I should call you," I replied smiling.

"Can I give you one too?" He asked staring at me excited.

"Okay. I think I'll call you KISA," I said in triumph.

He looked at me offended and shook his head. "That's a girl's name."

"No it's not!" I yelled.

"The reason I call you KISA is because you are my Knight In Shining Armor. K.I.S.A," I told him and his mouth formed an 'O'.

"In that case it's okay" He smiled. "I think I'll call you DD!"

"Eww, you're naming me after something you find in a toilet!" I yelled in disgust.

He fell on the floor laughing his ass off. "You should see your face!"

I hit him and he stopped laughing, offering an explanation. "The reason I call you DD is because you are my Damsel in Distress."

"I don't want to be called DD" I yelled. "Change it!"

"Would you rather DID? Like the girl I did last night?" My face reddened and I glared.

Nia Shan

Edited: 15.01.2021

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