The girl


Back at the orphanage , Tabna couldn't sleep in her dormitory because the television in the next room where the kitchen was was loud , Manuel was busy preparing dough for baking his cakes , Tabna stepped out of her bed and went to the kitchen .
“So you too couldn't sleep ?” He asked up on seeing her coming in .
“I can not sleep when that TV is so loud and besides am not yet used to these mattresses, tell me ,do you usually bake when you can not sleep ?”
“I usually concentrate when everyone is asleep , i have a feeling that my art work comes out well when there is less noise .”
“And do you usually turn up the television in a loud volume , would you please turn off ?”
“But I like what am watching .”
“Unfortunately , I don't , I hate news , I hate politics and i hate anything to do with the guerrillas.”
“Okay I will turn off the TV and it really seems to make you uncomfortable from what I see but promise me you will go back to bed and sleep ,don't give that that the mattress makes you feel uncomfortable.”
“Alright and as long as you allow me to have a glass of water from the refrigerator.”
Manuel turn off the TV , Tabna went to the refrigerator , got a five liter jerrycan , poured water in a glass ,drunk it and went back to bed .
The next morning Tatiana called for Tabna , Tabna was to meet her whole family today ,immediately she rushed out of bed , went to the bathroom to wash her face and when done , she went to father Riva's office ,Tatiana was talking to father Rivas when a nurse came in and told them that the girl's family was already at the Orphanage and they want to talk doctor Tatiana .
“Let them in .” Tatiana ordered the nurse .
The nurse showed them their way inside and inside they were welcomed by Tatiana ,the priest and Tabna , Tabna looked more excited, apart from knowing about the death of her brother , she never thought of having other siblings , seeing them was something worthy celebrating .
“This is Nina ,your youngest sister ,she's only 13 years old, that's Monica one who is older than Nina , she's 15 , if you remember very well , the day you disappeared , I was pregnant with Monica and that's your father Miguel Bustamante , hope you still remember him .” Tabna's mother introduced them to her one by one as Tabna hugged them .
“Of course I do remember my father mother and I'm very glad that I have two beautiful sisters, I thought I only had a brother ,here we are now , I have two lovely siblings .”
“Though we don't what to feel to have a sister who is a militia .” Monica implicated .
“Don't say that Monica .” Her mother stopped her from saying anything further .
“Let her be mother , I'd love to hear my sisters' opinions about me, It's better know what exactly they think about me other than keeping it in their hearts .”
“Whatever , hey doctor Tatiana , do you think I can take my daughter with me back home in the countryside ?”
“Sorry Ms Meriya , that won't be possible , Tabna choose to study , she has a dream of becoming a doctor , I remember talking about it with you earlier .”
“Yeah mother , I can not leave now till I finished my studies , I will be here for a while but don't worry I will be visiting and writing letters .”
“Did you say a doctor ?” Meriya chuckled about it again .
“I may try to understand your situation Ms Meriya but Tabna had asked us to help her make her dream of becoming a doctor come true .”
“You will have to excuse doctor but that's being delusional , none of us from our family is educated ,the only reasonable job I tried to do is to become a beautician and that failed ,you can not convince me that someone from my family can become a doctor and besides we don't have that money to pay for her fees unless you're telling me that it's you the priest who will be paying for her fees all the way to the university .”
“For the time being the orphanage will be paying for her high school .”the priest replied .
“And you expect my family to pay for her university ?”
“We can not get to that conclusion yet ,if she does well in her high school , she can get a scholarship and that will take her to collage .” the priest gave his thought .
“Mother that can also be possible .” Tabna backed father Rivas on that .
“Don't make me laugh you people , there is nothing this dump girl do , don't you guys find it odd , from stealing and murders to being a doctor , have you ever heard of something like that ? ”
“Mother , you can save your skepticism to your self ,am staying , you will go back home with the rest , I will stay here and try to fulfill my dreams .”
“Why am I even wasting my time on you ,girls let go back home , you sister doesn't want to come with us , I hope she knows what she's doing .”
“Don't worry about anything Ms Meriya , We will take care of her .” Tatiana assured her .
“Whatever !” Meriya left the office after her girls ,her husband followed .
After her family had left , Tabna , father Rivas and Tatiana were left in the office to discuss on what they will do about Tabna's education ,inside the office was a television and on television ,the news showed that a colonel called Baragan had done a great job in stopping the guerrillas from crimes against humanity and the government is happy about his work .
When Tabna saw this , got indignant, couldn't believe the unfair praises around this colonel , It brought back the memories of a time she spent with colonel Baragan , the little she knew about Baragan , just after he had captured her and other guerrillas ,forced her to work for them , asked her to go , have an inspection on a certain village to find out whether there were guerrillas , when Tabna went there to inspect the place ,the place was full of mothers and children playing ,went back to colonel Baragan and told him that there were no guerrillas ,the place was full of woman and children and that they can not make an attack on that place but the colonel never listened to her , thought she was covering up for other guerrillas , that Monday morning ,an operation was carried out on that village , asked one of his men to keep her on a gun point till they're done with the ambush , colonel Baragan and his men had a random killing of the children and their mothers considering them to be the guerrillas and when that was done , asked his men to dig a massive grave , buried the children and their mother and after dug a ditch in ground away from the massive grave ,had Tabna buried only leaving her head out on surface as a punishment for trying to stop him from attacking the mothers and their children who he believed were guerrillas .
“Tabna , Tabna , Tabna ?” Tatiana shouted to wake her up from her thoughts .
“Yes doctor .” she realized that she's in a different world now .
“What's that on TV that made you get lost in your thoughts ?”
“Nothing “
“ So can we go now , I want to show you a few questionnaires of questions that you will be asked if you're to enroll in a medical school .”
“Oh that's good ,let's go, see you soon father .”
“Take care you two .”
The priest was left in his office ,Tatiana and Tabna headed to her office and on way a soldier greeted Tabna and as she was replying to him ,Tatiana asked her to hurry up because she had other things to do ,through two hallways , eventually they were in Tatiana's office .
“Tabna welcome to my office here at work outside the orphanage ,how do you like it ?”
“If a doctor's office looks like this , this is beautiful .”
“Thank you girl but am afraid you have to wait here as I go get you the questionnaires.”
“Alright Tatiana .”
When Tatiana went out to get the questionnaires , Tabna looked around the office and her eyes couldn't get off from the computer , something was asking her to go look through ,eventually she sat down ,went to google ,wrote in colonel Baragan's name , as she started reading about him , Tatiana came back .
“What do you think you're doing Tabna ?” she asked .
“Huh , doctor, I was....”
“I don't even know you , I just stepped out for a few minutes and you're already using my computer , who are you girl , you say you want to change from your old life and here you're searching a military life of someone ,do me a favor and introduce yourself to me because I really don't know who you're , I didn't even know you can use computers, you lied to me .”
“Don't be like that doctor Tatiana .”
“Okay lets introduce ourselves , my name is Tatiana, nice to meet , what;s your name ?” She stretched out her hand for hers .
“Doctor Tatiana ?”
“No, introduce yourself to me because I don't know who you're.” keeping her hand up for hers.
“I'm Alias Tabna .” She accepted a handshake with her .
“Am sorry Tabna , am the one offended here , how many lies are you to tell me now .”
“Doctor ?” She found it hard to cool her down .
“Who is this colonel you're searching for , what do you have to do with him ? , tell me Tabna .”
“Nothing .”
Tabna remembers how she met colonel Baragan , the military had had an ambush on the guerrillas, among the ten girls who were arrested was Tabna , Colonel Baragan had heard a lot about a fearless girl called Alias Tabna among the guerrillas , so he lined up all the ten girls and asked them who among them was Alias Tabna , none of them replied to him , he insisted on asking among them who Alias Tabna was , he began killing them one by one ,still the girls refused to tell him who Alias Tabna was till from among the boys' side , one ranted her out , he took her to a safe abandoned house and forced himself on her ,asking her about where her fierceness had gone , after raping her , he asked her not to tell this to anyone or else he was to come back and kill her .
“I don't think you're ready to change, you can go back to the orphanage and pack up your things ,go join your comrades after all they must be looking for you .” Tatiana broke her silence .
“I want to change , I want to study doctor .” Got back from her memories .
“Then show it to me .” Tatiana requested .
“Okay I promise , I won't look for anything to do with my past life anymore .”
“Listen to me Tabna , you don't have to force yourself to tell me what you know about that colonel but you have to make an effort to forget about that past life yours where killing someone isn't something important ,stealing people's property and their children it's nothing to you, here such things are crimes and imprisonment it's a penalty for them , you will meet people who will provoke that old you but stay firm , focus on change , you can not take your dream down in the gutter .”
“It's quite clear to me doctor Tatiana , I promise to focus on my dream .”
“That's good .”



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