The Guardian Devil

Chapter 8 “Similarities”

Angela's P.O.V

I fluttered my eyes open on feeling the gleam of sun rays through the curtains on my face. I rubbed my eyes with the back of my palm and tried to get rid of the bits of the leftover sleep, that still remained in them.

I looked at the nightstand and saw the clock read 6 A.M. My eyes widened at what I saw.

Two hours!

I sat startled on the bed by the head rest. I slept for two hours!

This is the longest, I slept in the past two years, at one go. And I was not haunted by even a single nightmare.

I wished it was true. I knew it was true. But I still can't  believe it. I am feeling so overwhelmed.

Is it a dream or is my life really changing for good? Though the possibility of the latter is pretty thin. But if it is a dream, I really hope that it never ends and I can live this dream my entire life.

Lucifer's P.O.V

I was struggling in the kitchen to make breakfast for my angel. After weighing the options, I settled for a grilled cheese sandwich, scrambled eggs, bacon and fresh orange juice.

After a few failed attempts, I was finally able to make each dish perfectly.

I bet whoever says that cooking is easy, surely do not step their feet in the kitchen most of the times. Cooking is so damn difficult. Well.. for me it definitely is.

The only reason I have a kitchen at my place, is because it was necessary according to the architect and Asher was a bit too convinced. Though it never came to use, as I and Asher always visited different diners and restaurants for our meals and I never had any problem with that arrangement.

But with my angel here, I can't just let her eat anything.

She needs healthy and proper meals in her system and home-cooked meals are the most healthy, I know that for a fact.

I have more than enough money to hire the best cooks in the world and that would be a much easier thing to do, but that somehow doesn't feel right.

Hiring a cook will be just money, but that food that he will make will certainly not have the emotions I feel for my angel.

Cali always said that the best food in the world is not the one that is made by the renowned chefs or something that looks fancy. Infact the best food is the one that is made with love for someone you love, no matter how simple it is.

 I want to do something for my angel by myself, by my own hands.

Undoubtedly, I will spoil her rotten and provide her with everything she ever dreams of in the future, no matter the cost, but I also want to do something for her by making efforts, and not just money.

And for now, preparing food for her is the least I can do.

"Oh my god!" Asher yelled teasingly, his palms cupping his cheeks and a fake shock plastered on his face.

Arghhhh.. I really need to change the security code on my door. I mentally groaned.

I whispered him to be quiet or else Angela would wake up.

He made a 'O' with his mouth in understanding, but still half yelled "Tell me I am dreaming because what I am seeing right now, can't be true no matter what!"

"No.. you are not dreaming" I scoffed, rolling my eyes.

"No are awake this early and on top of it, you are preparing breakfast. I mean its just six o'clock in the morning." he said looking at his wrist watch.

"So what?"

"So what?" he repeated, half yelling, in a surprised tone.

"you don't get up this early for even your work, be it your most important business meetings or the underground dealings. I bet you have never seen a rising sun in your entire life." Asher continued.

"And here you are not only awake but also preparing breakfast, finally getting the grocery to some use instead of just replacing it everyday with another fresh set." Asher moved his hand towards the sandwich, trying to quickly grab a piece. But I was faster and slapped his hand back.

"Oww!" he winced rubbing his hand.

"Wait! When did cooking caught your interest? You cooked yesterday and again today. Hell! When did you even learn to cook?" he asked confused.

I hung my head low, sighed and just shook my head. I told him to arrange the table and started walking towards the stairs up to my room.

"Lucifer" Asher called, his voice rid of all the playfulness.

"What" I turned back, knowing he now meant business.

"I looked up last night for something..anything I could get, that could help us to know about Angela's whereabouts for the past two years."

I immediately darted back, hopeful to get some information that could lead me to her tormentor. I will make sure to make his life a living hell whenever I get my hands on him.

"And..did you find anything?" I asked hardly able to control my anxiety.

"Sadly.. No. We checked the security footage before, but I still watched them again as I now know how she looks like and her name, I had something to go on with."


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