The love of a wolf

Chapter 4

     Looking at our calander he started to frown and said he and his family had something important they had to do. I nooded my head and gave a pollite smile, "thats okay I hope everything goes well.“ then I watched him leave the room. I glared at the sky once more then got up and went inside my room to get ready for bed. “Maybe one day my life will change and I can have an adventure one day."

     When I woke up I found Conner hovering over my bed with a tray of breakfast and coffee. “Good morning.” I smiled and sat up to enjoy the meal he brought. "Thank you this is a nice birthday present. Will you be eating with me before you leave?” He gave me a big smile and as he grabbed a slice of bacon off my plate and said.

      "Actually im not going I talked to them and they seem to have it all under control.” I gave a face of delight that changed to sorrow. I'm sorry if I caused any inconviniance or trouble.” He grabbed my hand, “their was no trouble I would rather spend my time with you then with them." He raised his hand and placed it under my chin. "Just do me a important favor."

      I nodded with excitement at what was going to be said. "I have to do something in the basement tonight and I need you to never go down their no matter what you hear." I agreed and after that we had a whole day of fun we went to the mall and bought a few gifts. Then went to the movies before returning home.

      This was the best birthday ever thanks Conner. I gave his arm a big hug in excitment. He grinned so big it had to have been able to reach from one ear to the other. We then sat in the livingroom and ate popcorn till Conner noticed it was getting dark. “I have to start working on that project.


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

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