The love of a wolf

Chapter 33

            morning came and Connors mom came and did my hair, then she did my makeup. I stood in front of a mirror and smiled at the image. "Your going to love what we have in store for you and Connor." I smiled, "I hope it wasn't too much of a bother." She shook her head no, "we actually had fun setting up."

         "Now Connor is already their waiting on us so we have to go." We reached the lobby and it seemed deserted for the wedding only one that was their was the lobbiest. He held out the door to reveal a horse drawn sleigh. We got in the sleigh and the lobbyist  got up front and grabbed the reigns. "Please don't worry mrs, you will arrive right on time and if it gets cold their are blankets."

        I thanked him and we set off on a thirty minute ride. We looked all around at the beautiful ceremony. I then noticed we were going down hill into a bowl like area surrounded by mountains. Strings were placed everywhere so when it rained the last two nights icicles formed all over. Seats with blue covers were creating isles for the guest to sit.

             The sleigh stopped at the end of the isles. Connors mom got out first as music started to play. I looked around as I got out and was amazed at the energy. To the left of the alter was a beautiful waterfall that's top was frozen and the water still could run down. Then to the right was a wall and cave covered in gems.

           I slowly walked down the isle smiling. I was so happy to see Connor I could of ran up the isle and hold him tight. As I got closer I saw his mom and dad standing near him and on my side a woman was standing their but I couldn't see who with the hood she wore. I got close to the alter and Connors mom signaled the lady to my left. I started to cry from happiness as I saw it was my mom under the hood.


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Story about: found out my roomates a werewolf

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