The Medium and the Biker

Chapter Eighteen: Two Worlds Collide

I still lay in the same spot where I was dumped, however, my body dawns cuts and bruises from the monsters nightly visits. Here I lay in front of the man that I was supposed to save, the guilt was like gasoline in my guts, my insides died slowly in the toxicity. Needing no more than a spark to set it ablaze. It sat not on my chest but inside my brain, what I had let happen I can't undo. Only in my silent prayers could I speak my heart to God and Beg for mercy for failing to protect Sam from his dreadful fate.

I have failed.   

The only announcement of his arrival was a slight drop in the air temperature, a slight breeze coming from the now opened door. Without looking I knew he was there, hidden in the shadows of hell that he has created by playing the role of the devil himself. 

I hear his footsteps shuffle closer and closer towards my disfigured form, my eyes locked with lifeless ones a representation of my foreboding future. The monsters boot-clad feet kick the now rotting corpse to the side creating thick crimson red skid marks behind. Bending down in front of me he lifts up my chin then pulls out a knife, It sat precariously on my skin soft enough to not pierce my neck but hard enough to enforce the intended message. The harsh metal should have been cold and raw against my bare skin, however, my numb body could not feel anything.

My throat and heart held in a silver grasp and all I could do was stare lifelessly at the brown eyes that held the blade with terrifying coldness. I had thought his eyes were warm, but looking at them now I could see no trace of the warmth they once held, no trace of the man I met.

"Get up" He grumbles pulling on my dislocated arm, there's a scream from deep within that forces its way out from my mouth. It is as if my terrified soul has unleashed a demon, it comes out angry so I fight, I scratch, I bight and kick my legs trying to get him off balance as he drags me out of the room and down the stained carpeted staircase. He suddenly stops than his hand cracks across my face, snapping it back with the force of his blow and causing my head to reel sickeningly as it slams against the old wooden floor below. 

When the black dots quit covering my vision he throws me in front of two pairs of feet. Confused yet frighten I hesitantly glance up at the two figures. My watery eyes enlarge and the hairs on the nape of my neck bristled. A gaggle of goosebumps laminated my frigid skin, slow and deliberate my Mother and Father take steps towards me with a look of disgust. 

I force my body to roll away from their ugly intentions, suddenly the monsters botted foot interrupts my pathetic escape. I breathed in and out but the air wouldn't enter my lungs starved for air, my heart raced at tremendous speeds my lungs shallowly rose and fell in time. I lay there for what felt like hours but was just a moment. Satisfaction of security when I moved to this small town was now a distant memory, an invisible force crushed me from every possible direction. Each second submerged in fear made a permanent mark on my heart, and vivid memories made me wonder whether this is real or my tired mind playing tricks on me. 

I attempt to stand up however something hard smashes against my head successfully knocking me out.


I wake up with a splitting headache and to my limbs chained to a table and a cloth covering my mouth, I pathetically struggle against the restains wishing I was 'Super Woman'. I stop moving when the three villains walk towards the table I'm chained to. 

"Hello, Micah long time no see." The woman I used to call my Mum says in a thick Irish accent. Her long blonde hair falls down her back in a neat braid, her green eyes now cold and distant look me up and down in disgust. The man I once called my Dad walks towards me and just stares, his dark blue eyes hold the look I'm all too familiar with.


"This is for your own good Micah, talking about your curse like its some gift is just horrifying!" The man says and bangs his fists on the table millimetres away from my injured shoulder, the woman walk's up to the man and put's a calming hand on his arm.

"You are a disgrace, you will never be our child." The woman spits out and the man nods in agreement.

"We didn't want you spreading your curse around innocent people, so we tracked down where you ran off too and by luck of fate you chose the one place your good old uncle lives in." The woman says and looks over at the monster. 

My eyes widen in horror when I look over at the monster and see him smiling at the man and woman affectionately.

"Your uncle will help us get rid of you once and for all." 




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