The Vampire Awakening | The Beginning


The girls tiptoed to Harry's bedroom door, "are you ready?" Bessie whispered to Madeline who was white as a sheet frozen into place, she nodded her head and pressed her finger to her lips, she turned to knob on the door until it clicked and the door swung gently open, the room was silent apart from her father's grunts.

"are you sure you want to do this?" Bessie whispered.

Madeline stood and looked at her overweight father snoring sprawled out on his bed "let's get it over and done with" she closed the door whilst Bessie began chanting her spells, after a few moments Bessie turned and looked at Madeline and nodded.

"try now" she urged "something simple first just to see if it works"

"Who's your eldest child?"

Harry grumbled and tossed and turned "Celeste" he mumbled.

"It works, try something else"

"Dad have you got moms Journal?" her father became restless

"YES," He said in a loud clear voice.

"did you kill my mother?" Madeline said bluntly standing over him, nerves bubbled in her stomach, she felt her heart beating against her rib cage.

Harry sat up bolt upright his eyes wide with fury "YES I DID" He hissed before collapsed back on to his pillow.

"why" she pushed pressing for more.

His voice turned scratchy and almost inhuman "because of the witch"

Madeline and Bessie's eyes both widened Harry murmured and began to stir "we need to go, I'm not very strong I'm not sure how long the spell will last"

"one more, please" Madeline begged "Is Madeline In danger"

"Vampire" he whispered slapping his lips together with a little frown on his for head

"what?" she gulped turning white.

"I said" he yawned but in a manner of factly tone, "I think Madeline is a vampire" Harry opened his eyes and looked around the room, nothing, he scratched his head he could have sworn someone was just talking to him.

He was sure someone was stood right there, he shook his head blaming the whiskey and late nights, or maybe he was cracking up like his late great uncle Bernard.

Madeline and Bessie held their breaths as they stood with their backs against the door.

"do you think he saw us" Bessie panted.

"No, I think we got out in time" Madeline slid down the door bringing her knees to her head "is he going to try and kill me?" she turned and looked at Bessie, who looked just scared as Madeline.

"You need to get out of here miss Madeline"

"I-I can't, not yet, I want to see what he's planning, and how he knows about Nicolai"

"You could be looking into it too much"

"And I could not be too, Bessie I know somethings not right, I can feel it in my soul, if I think I'm in danger at any point, I'll go, but until then, I'm safer here where I can keep an eye on him"

"your right, just please stay safe miss Madeline, I would hate for something terrible to happen to you"

"Thank you for all your help Bessie, one day I'll repay you for all your sacrifices"

"I wouldn't have it any other way miss, I'll see you tomorrow, goodnight" Bessie left leaving Madeline sat on her bed, her mother's necklace clutched in her hands "I promise mama, I'll make things right, I'll make sure he's thrown into jail for what he did to you" she whispered hoping somewhere, somehow her mom was looking down listening to her, maybe it was the lack of sleep, or maybe a mental breakdown but she was sure she could smell her sweet rosewater perfume waft under her nose.

The next morning Harry could barely look at his daughter, his head pounded, his mouth dry, Madeline kept her head down and avoided eye contact, the pair of them are their breakfast in silence, the only noise was the clinking of spoons on the bowls.

"I don't want you leaving the house"

"what?"  Madeline frowned it was as. If he had read her mind because she was just thinking about going up to the Cordova mansion to see Nicolai "I have plans"

"cancel them" he grunted before scraping the chair back on the concrete tile floor, and walking out the room without another word, Madeline felt like throwing the vase that sat on the sideboard behind her at his head.

She gave it a few minutes before quietly following him to his study to see if she could eavesdrop on his conversation.

"We attack at daybreak, their weakest then, and don't worry about this little problem, I'll fix that" she heard him mutter, "tell him I'll see him for dinner this evening"

"yes sir" a messenger spoke, she heard the familiar click of the door of the doorknob turning, she scurried up the nearest door and hid until the footsteps grew distant.

She needed to speak to Nicolai, she needed to warn him, her heart was beating like crazy was she about to suffer the same fate her mother had met.


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