Under the Rain

Chapter Sixteen

“Holy shit!” Ruby stops dead in her tracks as we both stare at Zainden and Princeston and everyone is eyeballing Zainden and I. Jesus he got more muscles than I remember.

We start walking towards them and my heart starts beating out of my chest I bet you he can hear it. 

“Hi,” Ruby kisses Princeston. 

“I’m leaving.” 

“Bo..”I don’t let Zainden say anything because I speed walk away. Holy fuck! He’s here! In school! I felt baffled, angry, sad….

Excited! Happy! Jewel screams

Not now Jewel! I just can’t believe he’s here.

Oh come on, you know you’re happy to see him. Plus he got hotter.

I start blushing as I walk into my class and I reminisce his body and his beautiful face.

See you still have a thing for him stupid.

Can you shut up! 

“Hey.”I jump as I look next to me and I make a face. 

“This seat is taken by my partner…”I look away from Zainden. 

“Wow, you’re still mad huh?” 

“Why are you here?” I ask angrily and he frowns but smirks. 

“I have class..”

“You know what I mean..”I want to be mad but starring at him makes me get those butterflies that I love so much. His grey eyes and stunning smile. 

“Okay, class lets begin and everyone takes your assigned seat… Mr. Ryder, please come see me.” The teacher says and everyone turns and stares at Zainden and all the girls start checking him out and whispering how hot he is and how dreamy he is...like he would ever be interested in any of you guys...

Ooo someone is jealous! 

“Shut the fuck up, Jewel!” I snap. 

“Huh?” I turn crimson red as I see the class nerd, Miriam looks scared. 

“Nothing, sorry..”I look away. 

The entire class I couldn’t concentrate because I felt burning eyes behind me. 

“Bo..” I shoot out of class as the bell dismisses us. 

“Bo!” I feel Zainden right behind me, “Bo, please.” 

“Please stop.” Zainden grabs my arm. 

“Let me explain.” 

“No! You fucked up that's it. Now deal with it!” I snarl. 

“I’m sorry..”He makes me look at him but not today. Not this way. 

“Fuck off..”I push him away and walk to my next class. 

I was literally dreading the entire day and just wanting to go home. I wasn’t even paying attention anymore because all I could think about was him and Jewel wouldn’t shut up. 

“Hey.” Sophia smiles at me but then frowns, “What’s with that face?”

“I’m going home..” I just can’t stand being here with Zainden. 

“What? Why? Bo is something wrong?” 

“Did you know?” I just can’t help but sound irritated. 

“What? Are you talking about Zainden? Bo are you fucking crazy? No, I didn’t know.” She sounds hurt. 

“I’m sorry Sophia but I just can’t think straight right now. I’m going home.” 

“What do I tell the teacher?” She asks as I walk away. 

“Tell them I got sick.” I shrug, “You will know.” 

I end up going home but even there I can’t even keep focus. 

“Ugh! Fuck!” I throw my Spanish book on the floor. Why did he have to come back! Why?   

I should just go to the gym and box it out. Maybe I need to punch it out...I get ready and head over to the gym. 

I arrive and just go straight to the punching bag and I just go at it.

“Bo, I’m sorry.” I can see his grey eyes and his beautiful face. Can I forgive him? Is he different? Did he learn his lesson? Can I trust him again? Will anything be the same again? I don’t know! I…*punch* Don’t *punch* fucking *punch* know *punch* 

“Whoa, whoa! Bo, hey who got you mad?” Anton grabs my waist, stopping me. 

“My head…” I frown trying to hold back my tears. 

“Ah, well come on. I got an idea. Lindsay!” I look at this dark purple dipped haired girl. I work out with her once in a while, apparently, she knew Damon very well. 

“What’s up?” She looks at us. 

“Fight time.” He smirks and my eyes grow wide, I really haven’t fought anyone just Anton and that was just hitting a mit. 

“No, no. I can’t; Anton I haven’t fought anyone and….” He pushes me into the ring, “And you know I am not ready.” I panic. 


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