While Holding the Pain


Tithy's Home

When Roshni returned from washroom, she found Tithy saying her prayer. She also started saying her prayer. After completing her prayer, she turned to Tithy and found her sadly staring at her mobile.

She was about to ask her about it but right then she heard their mother calling them. "Tithy, Roshni. If you have completed your prayer, come to dining table."

But Tithy remained there silently without moving. Roshni sensed something wrong with her but ignored it deciding to talk to her before sleeping likewise. She poked Tithy and said, " Ammi is calling, Tithy. So, shall we ?"

Tithy nodded and turned to left. Then Roshni caught the sight of her hand and while going out, she asked her indicating the bandage, "what happened?"

Without replying, Tithy sadly smiled looking at her. This much was enough for Roshni to understand that they really need to talk but that's of course not in front of their mother as any kind of stress is bad for her health.

By the time they reached dining table, dinner was already served on their plates. Ignoring every single bothering thing, both of them went to their mother with smiling faces.

Looking at them Mrs. Ayesha smilingly said, "All set."

Sitting on a chair between them Mrs. Ayesha asked, "Tithy, how's your hand, sweetheart? Still paining?"

Tithy looked at her hand and then smilingly said, "No, Ma. No pain. I am feeling alright now."

"Okay then. Start eating " Mrs. Ayesha said indicating her plate.

Tithy looked at her plate and then turned to her mother. After that she said, "Ma, actually after giving it a second thought, I think I am feeling pain in my hand now. So, you feed me." After completing her say, she smilingly gave her plate to her mother.

Her mother smiled at her innocent act and said, "Awww, My child. Come, Ammi will feed you."

She starts feeding Tithy while Roshni stared at Tithy with jealousy.

Mrs. Ayesha noticed her staring and asked with a smile, "Roshni, what happened, sweetie? Why are you not starting?"

Taking an advantage of the situation, Tithy started to irritate her. "Api, feeling jealous, haan?"

Roshni glared at her without answering....

Tithy again started," See Api, I have pain in my hand and that's why Ma is feeding me. Why are you behaving like a jealous kid? You know, it does not suit you. You should have behaved like a "

Roshni cut off her blabbering, " Tithy, just shut up and eat."

But Tithy being Tithy again started, "But Api, how am I supposed to eat while being shut up?"

Roshni glared at her and said, "Tithy, you "

Mrs. Ayesha smiled at both of them and cut them off, "Stop it both of you and Come closer. I will feed you both today "

Mrs. Ayesha happily started feeding both of them.

Both sisters looked at each other with satisfaction as they succeeded in making their mother happy which is compulsory for her health as per doctor's advice and for their mother's happiness and good health, they can do from anything to everything.

Mrs. Ayesha unware of their intention continued feeding them smilingly, "Sometimes both of you act just like school kids."

Hearing this, both of her daughters laughed out.

Taking food, Roshni extended her hand to her mother, "Ammi, you also eat."

Seeing Roshni, Tithy did the same saying, "Ma, take some from me also."

"Tithy, sweetheart, isn't your hand hurting now?" Roshni jokingly asked her.

Without replying Roshni, Tithy just glared at her and Mrs. Ayesha laughed at them.
Thus they continued their dinner happily.

In Office

Ruhaan was working on a file for several hours. Being tired, Ruhaan closed the file and leaning on the chair, he closed his eyes.

The word of the person from phone call came to his mind.

"The birthday is coming in a few days, vai."

Opening his eyes slowly, he left the cabin. On his way back home, Ruhaan found a road side watch shop and stopped his car as some memories flashed on his mind.

"Vai, get me a watch."

"Watch? But Why?"

Titly got angry on Ruhaan as he seemed to forget her birthday when actually Ruhaan was teasing her suppressing his laughter...

Titly left his room fuming in anger. Ruhaan was preparing a presentation on an important project which was just a little left.

But being unable to concentrate further, he left the work and found Titly complaining to his parents about his forgetting of her birthday.

His parents tried to make her understand that it couldn't be true. But they got no chance to speak up between their daughter's blabbering.

After completing her blabbering without listening to them, Titly turned to left for her room when Ruhaan also rushed there following her.

"Sister, wait. I am sorry. But isn't it supposed to know to you that I won't forget it."

To cool her anger, Ruhaan tried to start a conversation.

Titly angrily stared at Ruhaan for a while then said "Whatever...."

"I am really reallyyy sorry." Ruhaan apologized again.

"Okay then. Get me a watch by tonight." Titly demanded.

"But it's not tomorrow your birthday. Why now?"

Titly reasoned her demand. "Because I feel like getting it tonight."

Being defeated Ruhaan said, "Okay mam...Now tell me which watch do you want?"

"Why should I tell you? Choose by yourself and by any chance if you get confused, you can try my thing. Actually it will be great as I will get two instead of one. As you know I just love watches as well as the idea. Okay then. That's it. You really need to try my thing today for sure. Got that?"


Edited: 20.01.2021

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