While Holding the Pain


Roshni's P.O.V.


I was standing in the balcony waiting for Tithy. I was looking at my watch again again as Tithy was getting late. Being impatient, I went to living room where Ammi, Heer and Hena were gossiping and asked, "Heer, when did you text Tithy for coming home?"

She replied immediately, "At 5 by afternoon, Api. Exactly when you told me to text her."

"Then why is she getting this late!"

She asked me while taking out her phone, "Api, should I call her now?"

"No. You guys continue. I am calling her."

While calling her, I went back to balcony. After talking to her, I felt relieved.

After almost 20 minutes, I saw a car getting parked in front of our house. I was thinking who could be that when I saw an young man getting out of the car and went to the other side of the car. I was uttered surprised when I saw him holding Tithy to get out of the car from that side and Tithy was having trouble in walking.

I ran towards them without bothering to answer the people of living room as they kept asking, "What happened? Why are you running?"

Getting close to them, I shouted, "Hey! What happened to your leg, Tithy?".

While holding her, I glared at that man and he backed off. 

But before Tithy could say anything, the man spoke up, "I am sorry. Actually I didn't notice when she came in front of my car."

I continued glaring at him deadly but he continued, "She got pushed off by my car. I am sorry"

I turned to Tithy and said, "Sweetie, are you okay? You should have told me when I called you. Let's go to hospital"

When I tried to turn, she stopped me and said, "Api, it's okay. You know me. I am famous for being an accident pro girl. And don't you call me, Chalti Firti disaster (Living Disaster)?"

I knew she was trying to lighten up my mood but it didn't work at all. The man again spoke up, "I also tried to take her to hospital but she didn't agree."

When I again gave him a cold look, he again apologized, "I am sorry."

Being annoyed, I just shouted, "Listen, Mr. Enough of your seeking of apologies. What if she got seriously injured! If something really bad happen to her, would your saying sorry, make that alright? While driving be conscious and look forward. Don't go on with your thoughts or whatever."

Tithy tried to interrupt me but I went on with my shouting and the man kept staring at me with a sad look.

Meanwhile Ammi, Heer and Hena came out and stood beside Tithy and held her. While trying to understand the situation, Heer asked Tithy, "What happened? How did you get hurt?"

Without answering Heer, Tithy tried to support him. "Api please, stop. He was not at fault fully." and that made me even more angry. Glaring at her, I said, "You just keep quiet Tithy."

Ammi then spoke up, " Tithy, Are you okay?"

Tithy replied to her immediately, "Ammi, I am alright. It was nothing. Believe me."

Glaring at Tithy, I spoke up again, "Yeah. I can see that for myself."

Ammi stopped me and said, "Roshni stop it and take her inside."

We were taking Tithy inside and heard Ammi asking the man, "Who are you, son?"

Tithy turned to them and answered the question, "Ammi, He is Ruhaan Ahmed, My boss."


Ruhaan's P.O.V.


I kept on saying sorry and at last remained silent when that girl went on blaming me. This was not hurting me as I knew I was actually at fault. Besides if something like this would happen with Titly, I would have done the same or maybe more to the person at fault. And in my heart I was happy that Tithy has such a caring sister.

When others were taking Tithy inside, a woman in her early fifties came towards me. I was getting prepared for getting yelled for the second time but it started differently.

She asked me, "Who are you, son?" and before I could say anything, Tithy answered the question for me. "Ammi, he is Ruhaan Ahmed, my boss."

Then I knew that in Tithy's world, her Ammi is also with her unlike me. Remembering Ammi, my eyes got watery. A voice made me come out of my thought.

"Mr. Ahmed, I am sorry for Roshni's behavior and thank you for getting Tithy home."

When I kept staring at her, she called me again, "Mr. Ahmed?"

"I am sorry aunty and I was at fault. If I were in her shoes, maybe I would have done the same."

"It's okay, Mr. Ahmed. You didn't do it intentionally" She said with a little bit of smiling face.

"Thank you, aunty And you please address me informally. Hearing Mr. Ahmed from you is quite uncomfortable for me. Please call me Ruhaan" I said to her smiling slightly.

Hearing me, she also smiled and said, "Okay. Come inside."


Edited: 25.01.2021

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