Why Wouldn’t He?

Chapter 15





"What can u get you sir?" The bartender standing behind the table asked.

I lift up to stare at him with my best glare and I can bet I saw a trail of fear flashed across his eyes as he took a nervous step back.


Now this what I love the most about myself of all the things. I can make a man shit his pants and a woman loose her panties in a snap at the sight of me.


Power! That's what I have over people and what I'll never lose.


"Vodka, keep it neat!" I snapped at the boy as he rushed to please my request


I looked around to notice that I love hasn't changed much from the last time I stepped here.

Except, that they had finally improved the quality of their women.


Curvy, sexy ladies have  replaced their skinny whores , who knew nothing better than give a stupid quick blowjob.


I took in the air around here, didn't smell like those lousy pubs, but the smell of rich.

Richness of the people here.


Old lads who now can't take   their old wives, who spent most of their time in stupid tea parties and shopping.

Gossiping about how others dress.


Young rich men who sat on couches with strippers putting their booties on their Gucci belts.



Money everywhere


Nothing is sweeter and addictive than power, the unlucky soul this demon possesses. If he is not sacrificed other himself to get it.


"See something you like?" A sultry voice snapped me out of my trance and I realised how long I have been eye raping this hot chick standing right infront of me  with her eye brows raised up and her lips curled in a sly smile.


She slowing in a hot way moved very close to me. The way her hips moved and her boobs.


"Not more than my eyes can't take. But, I have to say, you got some fine curves," I said with a smirk.


She shakes an arm around my neck and pulled her body down to mine.


The way she walked was like a shot of whiskey, neat and strong and soo damn full of purposes.

I had almost drowned in the thoughts about what sinful wonders I'd do to this.


She leaned and sat right next to me.


Me staring at her was stoped when the bartender poured my vodka.

I gave him the glare making the bartender look away as fast as he could.


Before I could take my drink she held the black of vodka and poured it over herself.

I know your intentions woman. And then she puts the glass back.


I tried to look away but now her tits were more prominent. She already turned on I can bet.


"What's your price I say," In my usual tone.


She lets out a little chuckle and leans to whisper in my ear, "100 pounds for one dance."


And then she starts to slow twerk on my thigh. I show a little smirk but don't reply.

"So you're not easy huh?" She says as she leans in more to reveal herself.


I don't reply but give her the same smirk. The bartender who noticed what happened to my drink poured me another one.


I drank it and chuckled while looking away from the girl.


She if never been rejected let out a little growl.

"Maybe you could think of someone else and let me make you hard for good."


I turn to face her and smiled. Maybe I could think of Annalise.Her beautiful face and the way she danced in slow motion.

Her green eyes as they sparked with delight.


Somewhere between midnight and dawn . if i left the bedroom lights on and you Annalise found me in a sober state  i swear , right away you could intoxicate me .


I would be high and start believing the lies your aroma does  to me and all rationality dies. Her eyes remind me of the stars. That I love  to gaze at from my window each day.


But before I could even touch this whore who stood next to me , someone grabbed my collar.


"Back off eyy mate ...," he said in an Irish manner.

"I don't share my women," a talk dark muscular man threatened as he had me pinned down on the table.


Blood boiled In my veins from the amount  of rage rushing into me. How the fuck does he even have the audacity?


"And I don't share my ego which is why I will have to kill you." I say and I manage to lift my head back up and punch him.


My men noticed but I pulled my hand up to back them. 


In the heat of the moment, I took out my gun and shot the man out of his life.

The crowd around screamed and people  started running too.


I point to the bartender to pour me and another drink.

"Yes boss," he said. Even with such less light I can see him shivering.


The whole club seemed to be empty by now.

But my desires arouse.








I point my man to come listen to me, "clear the body and bring the girl who was here."




"take off your slipper or heals whatever you're re wearing," I said in a violent voice.

Chasing Zabella

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