Chapter 8 of Precarious Updated!

Author: Shreya Sen Gupta / Posted: 13.04.21, 17:48:54

Chapter 8 is out and I have questions, LOL. What do you think happened to Bella sister based on what you read in this chapter? Do let me know...


Snippet (Chapter 8): 

"She asked you to burn this letter." Seeing me nod, she questioned in a low voice, "Will you?"

I gulped, staring at the creased paper in my hand. I didn't burn it. I couldn't bring myself to, perhaps to keep the anger in me alive.

I looked out of the window, the pleated curtains pulled to the side and dawn's rays seeped in, falling straight to my face. Night or day, the neighbourhood was always silent.

If it weren't for Zia, I wouldn't have been in this job in the first place. I knew she never wanted this for me and this was a path I made for myself. I wanted to fight for the people who couldn't do it for themselves, like Zia.

But I had never regretted having her as my sister. That was until she was gone. The worst part of everything was that whenever I looked in the mirror, I could see her. So much for inheriting Mamma's thick brown hair and bright blue eyes.



With a past filled with bruises, both emotional and physical, Bella Bianchi has become a charm as an espionage agent, one of the best in the field. After a series of hasty choices and too much tequila, the last thing she expected was to wake up on the billionaire bachelor, Eros Castellanos's bed with no recollection of what led her there.

But she has more important matters to deal with, that involves her quitting her job and settling for a normal life. She is to land on the ending peak of her career, even if it means entering the world she has despised all her life. But what she did not expect was her target to be the notorious capo dei capi of the American mafia, Adonis Vitale—the man everyone sees yet no one has ever seen.

Meeting him at a cafe, nonetheless, him initiating the conversation was more than a surprise she was prepared for. But the more she delves into his life, the messier things start to get for her. Adonis is a lot more than he shows and the side she witnesses is what starts to cloud her judgement.

But what happens when she learns his little secret that has a lot to do with her sister's death than she could've imagined?


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