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Author: Shreya Sen Gupta / Posted: 14.04.21, 23:41:55

The Wicked Games which is the first book in the series 'The Spirileaxus Trilogy' is out! The book is complete and it has managed to reach up to 120k words, which is one of the second huge milestones I'd reached recently.

If you're a TVD-verse fan then you'd surely love this book. It has perfect elements of both drama, horror, action, mystery and the unbreakable bond of family. 

So why wait?

READ HERE: The Wicked Games


In a world where supernatural beings exist, where magic brews darkness and darkness tends the souls -- there, peace is just a metaphor.


When Gwenneth is thrust into the supernatural realm of Spirileaxus, she has no other option but to survive. She is being hunted by the Ravens, a powerful family of witches and held captive in the castle of the vampire king, Cadius Delacroix, for reasons she knows nothing about. Soon she finds herself with whispers in her head, and nightmares are slowly turning into a violent reality. When the danger around her becomes unbearable, she taps into a side of her she never knew existed and staying inside the Delacroix castle becomes the biggest threat of all.

With an unlikely ally sent by her mother, she ventures out of the castle, only to learn that her entire life has been fabricated, and she has a twin brother she knows nothing about, stuck and being tortured by the Ravens. With the help of the local witches, and a werewolf alpha of a dead pack, Lucien Le Doux, she rescues her brother. 

Curses are unveiled, blood is shed, lives are lost, and love is torn. Among all this, Gwenneth must make a choice that will determine the fate of Spirileaxus; return home to her mundane life, or stay and accept who she is. 


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