Posting a detective thriller novel soon!!!!

Author: K.R Webber / Posted: 24.03.20, 13:55:34

I am very close to posting first part of my new detective thriller novel. I expect to complete the epilogue tomorrow. If I somehow manage to do it tomorrow then I may publish the first chapter this Friday.

Because it is a detective novel it will be very different than the ones I have posted in Booknet previously. The new novel will go slow till first half and go fast in its last half. 

I should not hide it from those who are reading my books.

And as of quick paced books, I will be writing SAER SERVITUDE while I keep posting the detective novel.

If the world doesn't go upside down then I will be able to post weekly for next two months.

But we all know how unstable situations really are these days.

So stay safe.


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