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Book. "3 Hearts, 2 Brothers, 1 Love" read online

3 Hearts, 2 Brothers, 1 Love

Marjory Bloom

Story about:twins, bilionaire, young innocent woman

Age restriction: 18+

183 7485

#192 in Billionaires
#173 in Erotic

Complete 45 pages

Publication: 31.07.2022 — 04.08.2022

Description of book "3 Hearts, 2 Brothers, 1 Love"

One young innocent woman and a pair of devilish handsome twin bilionaires...
What will happen if the crossed paths?

Andrea has a boyfriend who cheats on her and she stops believing in (true)love but what she did not see coming is that after an accidental meething with one of the famous O'Melly twins her life is about to change forever!
What see alway though was love gets now a compleet new meaning!
Both brothers fall for deeply, for her beauty and innoncense and her brillisnd creative mind.
But after her heartbrake she swore not fall again so easely but these 2 brothers always get what they want and the BOTH WANT HER!


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kirtee shinde
06.08.2022, 18:18:46

somthing new and interesting

Marjory Bloom
06.08.2022, 18:24:20

kirtee shinde, thanks dear reader:0)
your free to take a look at the rest of my story's and I'm also planning to write more;)

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