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Book. "A De Lá Rosá's Sweet Revenge " read online

A De Lá Rosá's Sweet Revenge


Story about:romance love, suspense thriller, revenge

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#252 in Thrillers & Suspense
#2598 in Romance

On Hold: 04 Sep 38 pages

Publication: 27.08.2022 — ...

Description of book "A De Lá Rosá's Sweet Revenge "

All is fair in the game of love and war, you might have won the battle but Gabriella Andrea De Lá Rosá will win the war. She has come to claim what is rightfully hers and to have an incomplete revenge.


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Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
04.09.2022, 23:05:36

Typical crime. Am not a of revenge,but your update is good.

Edith Ogbuwawa Kelvin
02.09.2022, 18:59:27

Scrolling through update in booknet and saw this book. I decided to read through and am glued to it,the combination of African and Italian mafia is so interesting. This is so far my longest comment on booknet. You have a good story and keep up the update.

28.08.2022, 18:36:52

i love the beginning author. keep it up!!

29.08.2022, 10:13:51

chiyambi, Thank you Chiyambi

28.08.2022, 14:10:52

Hyy guys, this is my new book a De Lá Rosá's Sweet Revenge, I would like to say Welcome to the new world of love, drama, suspense, action and revenge. This book will be action packed you will feel like you are watching a movie. Please read, like and comment. I hope you like this book as much as I do. Support your girl by reading liking and commenting. The more you like the faster I will publish new chapters. Lots of love

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