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A Deadly Yearning

J A Harris

Story about:zombies, vampires, shifters

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#43 in Urban fantasy
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On Hold: 18 Jun 23 pages

Publication: 12.06.2019 — ...

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Description of book "A Deadly Yearning"

Urban fantasy with a side dish of shifters, horror and zombies.
And an ancient curse.
Rose Blayde’s life sucks. Hunter by night. Loner by day. She doesn’t want to kill rogue shifters. And she’d really like some friends. But that’s not going to happen any time soon what with the family curse landing right in her lap, so she makes out she’s just like everyone else. Only she isn’t like anyone she’s ever met. She knows magic is real.
But magic is neutral. And dark magic makes the streets run with blood on moonlit nights.
Under the small town of Blackwood in the West Country, there’s a portal to a supernatural world. It’s always been there, but when a demon came through hundreds of years ago hungry for souls, he created a race of primals, shifters without empathy. Someone had to get rid of the

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Samantha Ainsley 22.06.2019, 15:58:54


Jeanette Adams 21.06.2019, 00:15:45

not recommended to read before going to sleep :D in a good sense

Drew 16.06.2019, 13:30:23

zombies plus vampires?

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Drew 18.06.2019, 13:33:14

J A Harris, that´s dangerous!

Peter Bishop 17.06.2019, 17:07:33

excited to read more

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J A Harris 17.06.2019, 21:04:19

Peter Bishop, Thanks so much for reading - more on the way!

Charles Johnson 12.06.2019, 11:39:39

I hope it will have a different line from the typical zombie stories

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Charles Johnson 15.06.2019, 20:10:18

J A Harris, let´s see!!

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