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A mutually assured attachment

Adia Smith

Story about:abuse, love and drug

Age restriction: 18+

13 32

#257 in LGBT
#5720 in Romance

On Hold: 20 Nov 0 pages

Publication: 31.10.2020 — ...

Description of book "A mutually assured attachment "

Honey melrose has never known a life of hard work. Sure she has a job but only to fuel her party and drug habit. Party, sex, smoke and stagger to work with a hangover. After finally trying to move on from her abusive girlfriend, she finds out how opposites do attract after tangling with her boss who always seemed to be a stick in the mud.

All Sterling knew was hard work and dedication. Her life was never easy with juggling a buddy career, part time custody of her niece and a brother that regents her it seemed as though she could find comfort only in her accomplishments.

Will these too balance each other out or find themselves buried under all their worldly troubles?


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