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A Second Chance (completed)


Story about:romance, adventure, fantasy

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Publication: 20.01.2021 — 20.01.2021

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Description of book "A Second Chance (completed)"

Claire knew she could never move on from what happened with her when she was still in high school. All she ever wanted now was to have her love back. Jake. The name which still brought a smile to her lips and then tears because she lost him.

She could never forgive herself. It was her mistake after all. Now in college, Claire's feelings for Jake to return are stronger than ever. She knew that if she has to survive the rest of her life, she needed him beside her or she'd die of guilt.

And maybe her desire was about to come true. Maybe she will be given a second chance to get him back.

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Priya Basak 11.03.2021, 15:39:26

I really wish everybody can get second chance anyway I loved it atleast happy that she could re-unite

Priya Basak 11.03.2021, 15:28:44

This is surreal

Elizabeth A 20.01.2021, 19:14:33


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Elizabeth A 26.02.2021, 14:52:33

fleetingforever, U welcome

Shraddha Joshi 21.01.2021, 12:12:19

Cute story.

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fleetingforever 26.02.2021, 11:29:05

Shraddha Joshi, thank you!

Ginny Pestano 11.02.2021, 09:46:57

Nice story albeit short. Everyone deserves a 2nd chance.

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fleetingforever 26.02.2021, 11:28:52

Ginny Pestano, thank you for reading!

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