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On Spirit Moon Island, Karin Fang is a witch that uses haiku spells to cast magic and she and her mother live next door to a pack of werewolves. Radley Baines is the Alpha's son and he can't seem to get along with his inner wolf unlike most werewolves his age. He doesn't have the privilege in following his heart either since he's expected to fulfill his duties by forming an alliance with the Evergreen Pack. But when Karin goes missing and his betrothed's pack wants her blood spilled, Radley must find the witch or betray his own kin like his uncle once did long ago.


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17.08.2020, 09:03:16

Oooooooooh, dum dum duuuuuuuum!
This is getting really good!

18.08.2020, 00:38:06

Twiggy, OMG thanks so much for taking the time to read! Your comment made me smile hehe :DD

blazy jay
21.07.2020, 20:23:37

A real breathe of fresh air in werewolf's stories

22.07.2020, 00:22:08

blazy jay, Aw thanks so much for your comment! It makes me happy to hear that you find my story refreshing amongst the many werewolf stories out there haha. I was inspired to write this story after binge-watching Teen Wolf & The Vampire Diaries back in the day lol. Anyway, I hope you'll continue to enjoy reading what I have so far. Have a lovely day/night. Take care! ^_^

05.07.2020, 05:16:26

It is always a pleasure to read another werewolf story! You haven't disappointed with your lore, and I find it unique. For years, I avoided reading other werewolf novels because I didn't want to see similar work to my own and get dismayed. But I learned that the mythology is so stylised between writers that it makes for a more exciting story! I am enjoying your work! A bit of an info dump in this chapter so I had to read it twice, but the story fits! The only suggestion I have is when Rose 'comes out' to Radley, you haven't specified as what she came out as. By saying it for what it is, erases the feeling that it is 'taboo' :)

07.07.2020, 06:09:59

Shadowriter, Hii~ Thanks so much for taking the time to read and I'm glad to hear that you've enjoyed what I have so far. And I know what you mean about being hesitant to read other works featuring the same type of creatures you write about haha. But it's always interesting to see other people's approach when writing about the popular supernatural beings which is probably why they still continue to be trendy to read/write about today. And thank you for the feedback! I'll eventually go back some time to revise so it's less info-dumpy which I know it's a lot to take in haha. And ooh yes, I'll revise that as well to be more clear about Rose coming out to Radley cuz I don't mean for it to feel like a taboo. But yeah, thanks again for your thoughts! ^_^

Catsoline Grace
24.06.2020, 10:05:41

keep it up

24.06.2020, 17:02:50

Catsoline Grace, Hello, Catsoline Grace! Thank you for the encouraging words and giving a like for A Wolf's Bane (AWB). :) I wanted to find an extra platform to share my stories where I could hopefully interact more with fellow readers & writers that my main platform didn't provide. Right now I only have 5 chapters written but decided to post the first chapter to familiarize myself with Booknet. I'll be updating the rest of what I have so far over the weekend since I'm taking a break from writing AWB after working on it in the past few months. I hope you'll enjoy reading it. Have a lovely day/night & take care~ (❁´◡`❁)

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