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Book. "Alpha's Enigmatic Mate" read online
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#347 in Romantic suspense
#95 in Supernaturals

On Hold: 20 Dec 35 pages

Publication: 10.10.2022 — ...

Description of book "Alpha's Enigmatic Mate"

Vincent should have been happy, not just happy but over the moon happy, cause unlike his brother who had to wait years to find his mate, he had found his on his 18th birthday itself.

He had found her in the woods where he had gone camping with his friends. He should have been happy. So, what if his mate was human, so what if she spoke some alien language, so what if she was yelling and screaming like a lunatic, so what if she was ready to kill anyone who got near her and so what if she was a feisty wild cat.

He should have been happy.

But all he was, was utterly confused, wondering what moon god thought giving him this mate. He had a long way to claim his mate, and the start would be to understand what the hell she was speaking.

This is a stand alone book and also continuati


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Marni Sahron
16.01.2023, 23:41:13

Waiting for your next update dear...

stephaniah julius
21.12.2022, 10:05:45

I must say I do like Aroha's pov,
thanks the update

Curious words
21.12.2022, 15:19:33

stephaniah julius, thanks a lot. I will try n give more of her pov

12.12.2022, 07:17:55

the book is good. Hope the chapters get longer

avika mahar
17.10.2022, 11:33:46

different adventures lovely

stephaniah julius
16.10.2022, 01:26:02

I am laughing right now while reading , it's so funny and interesting at the same time

stephaniah julius
15.10.2022, 18:39:16

ok !!! now I know I'm stuck with this novel.. please can you update daily.. I love this novel already

Curious words
15.10.2022, 20:30:15

stephaniah julius, hey, thanks a lot for the going through my work. I will try and update as soon as possible

12.10.2022, 20:05:13

I just imagined her telling her name aroha.... beautifully name.... by the way which language is she speaking author..??? And iam really in love with your book... the way his friend moved to the door when she stirred ha ha ha is really funny... I just loved while reading

Curious words
13.10.2022, 17:05:07

Hoorain, I don't want to name any places in the story as it's totally frictional but inspiration is new zealand.

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